Amazon asks for compliance documents

Amazon FBA sellers know that the stability of buyers is particularly important to Amazon. In order to ensure that buyers can purchase related products from the seller’s store without worrying about the stability, quality and reliability of the products, Amazon has formulated compliance regulations. sex document.

So, as an Amazon FBA seller:

  1. Be sure to abide by the information filled in the products sold and the products, and should meet the local laws of the target market (false propaganda is strictly prohibited) and Amazon’s policies. This is because the seller’s target market is not as relaxed as the domestic market, and fakes are rampant. , there are many routines!
  2. Product quality. To be an Amazon, you must have a product concept. You must not sell Pinduoduo products on Amazon. If the seller hopes that the life cycle of the products you sell is quite long, you need to strictly control the control products. 1 or 2 items can be eaten for many years.

Therefore, it should be said: “The so-called commodity satisfaction document is a certification document that proves that the goods sold by the seller do not have hidden dangers in terms of quality and safety, and will not cause harm to the personal safety of the buyer”!

When encountering such a situation, don’t be in a hurry, but calm down and find the reason first!

Sellers can check the emails sent by Amazon about the reason for LISTING’s suspension of sales on the “Performance Notice” and “Register Amazon Mailbox”, and clarify which documents Amazon needs from sellers.

Are sellers unsure of which documents to provide? That way you can choose:

  1. Open CASE, contact seller support, and find customer service assistance!

When opening a case, try to open it two or three times to check whether the answer given by the previous customer service to the seller is correct. This is because Amazon customer service also needs training every day. Each customer service has different levels of knowledge and experience in dealing with problems, resulting in Answers to questions may be wrong!

  1. Click on “Performance” > “Account Status”, in the lower right corner of the page, whether the product meets the requirements, and how to fill in the file, you can contact customer service to help the seller fill it out!
  2. On the “Catalog” > “Sales Application” page, you can display the ASINs found by the seller that the ASIN requires compliance review, and then click “Provide Documents” to enter the page for submitting documents, and the seller will see the specific documents that need to be submitted. file, and then prepare the corresponding information!

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