Content planning of B2B foreign trade independent station

An excellent product information page as the carrier page of the main product information is one of the independent websites of a foreign trade enterprise. How to introduce a product in place and have all the selling points is not something that our manufacturers are born with.

In this article, we will introduce how to write a customer love page from the content level.

For Tonglai, who is writing a love page for the first time, it is a very solid basic article.

  1. Add information – pay attention to the key 
    The product basic information is the basic part of the detail page, which is equivalent to the foundation of the building.
    We must thoroughly understand the various parameters of the product in order to introduce it in a targeted manner.

When writing the title and introduction of the product , we must first pay attention and put in the key . Because only in this way can it be caught by Google search.

[TIPS: Page Differentiation] It must be mentioned here that product pages must not be too similar. If the rest of the content is exactly the same except for a certain parameter, it is very unfriendly to the Google search engine.

How to solve?

For each product, we can add a unique descriptive discourse that belongs to this product, and we can also differentiate from the application scenarios of the product, the different preferences of different countries and regions of the product, and the FAQs of different customers. You can also add a recommendation of a related product below the product page, or bundle products and services. It is recommended to fill in related products to promote differentiation.

  1. Tell the product advantages

Why should customers buy your product?

How is your product different from others?

In the opening part, we must make clear the advantages.

This person is also the top priority of the product details page. Many people feel that they know their products quite well, but once they start writing, they become short of words.

In order to write about product benefits, our language is not started at the beginning of writing, but summed up when we understand the product. ·

daily idea collection

As the seller who knows the product best, we must be good at digging and collecting topics, and accumulate them well in daily life. For example, when browsing webpages, forums, Quora, or communicating with customers, if you encounter a suitable topic, you can directly put some good materials on it when writing the detail page, which is more efficient.

You can also collect some good materials that you usually read, such as content from competitors, which are different from different industries but can be used for reference, and archive them on the computer, which is very useful for writing at critical moments.

The following are also some very efficient methods.


Many people are always better than one. Moreover, it is actually helpful to include friends who are not familiar with the project during the brainstorming process, because they are not familiar with the project, so they will not be limited by the existing conditions. It is also best to call friends from other teams, such as a designer friend, who will come up with more suitable picture design methods based on everyone’s thinking, and can also provide you with some ideas.

In brainstorming, we look for ideas that grab attention, grab interest, spark desire, and stimulate action. It is very important to record these contents.

It is especially recommended that you use the Xmind mind map as a recording tool for this kind of meeting.

Find your target audience and think about the value you can provide Once a product is ready to be promoted, frequent research is required. Based on the research results, we can make audience portraits, which is very useful for content marketing, and only when we tell about the advantages of products can be targeted. Regarding the content of the audience, we also mentioned it in the previous article: “Locating Targets and Audiences, the First Step to Reaching Accurate Customers”.

What kind of products can bring value to customers? Here are some suggested goals for detail pages:

Unique products have their own unique place in the market;

Can meet the needs of customers, with specific cases or data support;

Able to give practical suggestions in the details page;

Can teach you some new knowledge and develop insights;

Make customers feel that this will have a good experience;

Let a friend test the test to see if he wants to take the initiative to share the details page with his friends.

Research your competitors and see what their customers are saying

Research your competitors, look at Facebook and YouTube in addition to their official website. See what customers care about and what discussions are going on under their posts. You can also go to other B2B platforms, Amazon, AliExpress, etc. to find needs or pain points.

Generally speaking, instead of crossing the river by feeling the stones, it is better to imitate and learn from the successful people, and draw from the successful people.

  1. Introduce the main functions and basic elements of the product

Here, we must pay attention to clearly and logically tell the specific functions of the product, and what benefits can customers get through this product?

  1. Appropriately add customer feedback

In fact, the content just now is very basic. However, in order to explain the advantages and functions of the product, in addition to boasting and boasting, you can also add customer feedback. For example, user evaluations of products that have been used, experience in use, after-sales conversations and emotional introductions, etc.

On the surface, these contents may not be very fatal, but in the period of customer hesitation, the key “getting to the door” can play a very important role. Because it can solve some psychological questions and concerns of customers in a fancy way.

  1. Add pictures

Most of what I have just described is the content, and then I will talk about the specific content presentation form. We should never ignore the presentation of multimedia, it can greatly enhance the page!

Regarding the display of pictures in the details page, we need to remember the following principles: high definition is better than clear and blurred, large pictures are better than medium pictures and small pictures, especially the display of the first picture, it is artistic and comprehensive Whether it is good or not, it needs to be controlled according to different products, and it will play a very important role in the customer’s order.

Factory map: A real shot of a neat and clean factory building, which can increase the sense of trust.

Product map: The overall map, the background needs to be clean, the shooting angle is precise, and can reflect the characteristics of the entire product; the partial map must be the unique part of the product, which is different from other competing products.

Staff photos: Photos with people can often increase the visual agility more than pure machinery and buildings. Either employees display products, or employees are at work, smiling or concentrating, all can choose.

Overall picture of the company: The picture of corporate culture can be placed at the end of the overall introduction to increase the sense of trust.

Why do we have to do these settings? Although Google’s artificial intelligence understanding ability is getting stronger and stronger, and it has gradually begun to understand the content of pictures, Google has never publicly stated that alt is no longer needed to help them understand the content of pictures, so the alt attribute of pictures is still very important means and methods.

Finally, I have to mention that our shopvidi has done a good job on the product details page, which can be used for reference.

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