The latest Amazon Brand Registry process in 2022

Brand filing can not only provide the display rate of products, but also prevent hijacking and product infringement. Today, we will bring you the latest process of Amazon brand filing in 2022!

Prepare clear logo images prior to brand filing: (1) a trademark of text (wordmark) (2) a trademark of an image consisting of words, letters or numbers (design trademark)

If you are an authorized reseller, have the trademark owner register the brand first and add your account as an additional user.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, please log in with your existing Seller Central or Vendor Central credentials. Using the same username and password, you can access the Brand Registry features and benefits associated with Supplier and Seller Services.

If you don’t already have an Amazon account, you can create one for free.

Brand registration website:
  1. There are two ways to log in. Click “Login” or “Get Started” in the upper right corner to select the site corresponding to the country/region you want to register
  2. Log in to the seller account

If you need to apply for Amazon Brand Registration in different countries, the seller needs to log in with the account of the corresponding site.

  1. Enter the Amazon Brand Registry background, click “Register a new brand” on the left, you will see the list of materials that need to be prepared during the registration process, and click “Register your brand”.
  2. Provide brand information

(1) What is your brand name?

①The submitted brand name needs to be exactly the same as the Mark Name registered by the local Trademark Office

②The brand name will be used to create Amazon product information

(2) Select a trademark office, select the current status of the trademark after selecting the trademark office

①If the R mark is used: select “registered”

②If using Pending Trademark: select “Pending”

If it is an image trademark, also upload an image of the trademark. The uploaded image trademark needs to be exactly the same as the image you provided when submitting the filing application at the Trademark Office.

(3) Please enter the registration number or serial number

①If the R mark is used: Please fill in your trademark number (Trademark Registration#) accurately here, and note that it must be exactly the same as the registration information of the local Trademark Office.

②If you use a pending trademark (Pending Trademark), fill in the trademark application number without needing to inform Amazon of the application status of the brand registered trademark in this step.

  1. Upload product image

Provide at least one picture of the brand name (logo) that is clearly displayed and permanently affixed to the product, and the size cannot exceed 5M.

  1. Provide sales account information

(1) Click to select “Seller”, and select all seller accounts that sell the applied brand.

(1) Click to select “Seller”, and select all seller accounts that sell the applied brand.

Collector’s Edition! The latest Amazon Brand Registry process in 2022

(2) Select the brand category, you can select more than one.

Collector’s Edition! The latest Amazon Brand Registry process in 2022

(3) ASIN can be skipped.
Collector’s Edition! The latest Amazon Brand Registry process in 2022

  1. Provide distribution information to choose according to the specific situation, generally choose “No” directly.
  2. Submission of information

Amazon will send an e-mail to the mailbox, and the content of the e-mail is as follows: The official will send a verification code to our registered trademark mailbox, contact your trademark agent, and copy the screenshot and verification code to the agent to complete the verification; After obtaining the verification code and replying to the email, we will receive an email from Amazon, informing us that the brand registration has been completed, and the registration is successful! 9. After Amazon has reviewed and submitted the brand registration page, it will jump to the “under review” page, usually 3-5 working days, and some trademarks will take 7 days.

After confirming the submission, there will be two verification situations for verifying the brand information: the first one: it is still the verification process of the old version of the brand record, the trademark agent will receive the verification code, the seller will find the trademark agent to get the verification code back, and the problem of going to the seller’s backstage Reply submission verification in the log. The email address of the trademark agent will be displayed, and Amazon will email the verification code to the trademark agent.

Note: The verification code is valid for 30 days, and some are replied within 10 days, whichever is the actual. After obtaining the verification code from the trademark agent, reply to the problem log in the seller’s backstage. After the brand registration team receives the verification code, the processing is completed, and the brand registration is completed and approved. If you receive an email that the registration is unsuccessful, you can submit the corresponding information according to Amazon’s requirements. Reply to Amazon mail, reply format: Case ID: XXXverification code: XXX

After receiving your verification code, you will receive an email confirming that you have been approved for Amazon Brand Registry. The second: the seller will receive the verification code, and then contact your trademark agent, take a screenshot and copy the verification code to the trademark agent, the trademark agent will click on the link in the received Amazon email to submit confirmation and complete the filing . (It can also be found in the help-problem log), and the email will indicate which email address the verification code is sent to.

Reply to Amazon case (please make sure to return the verification code within 14 days after receiving the verification code email), the template is as follows: Dear Amazon:The case ID for our application is :.The verification code that we received is : .Please proceed to confirm our approval for brand registy.Thanks in advance.10. The registration is successful. The brand registration team will process it after receiving the verification code.

Amazon’s functions for brand sellers are still very effective. Sellers must make full use of brand functions to help store sales grow, and don’t miss any opportunity that may increase traffic.

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