What skills do Amazon platform operators need to master?

  1. Excellent Amazon operations need to have the following capabilities
  2. Product selection ability

There is a popular saying in the Amazon seller circle, seven points depend on product selection, and three points depend on operation, which shows the importance of product selection, and product selection is the foundation of operation.

  1. Platform operation and risk aversion capabilities

Amazon platform operation is the basic work of operation. Only by being proficient in operating the back-end, knowing enough about the front-end, and knowing how to avoid risks can we operate better.

  1. Copywriting ability

The Amazon platform emphasizes display and neglects customer service, encourages consumers to purchase independently, and requires sellers to optimize products to the extreme and increase conversion rates. At the same time, the Amazon system identifies products through copywriting, so copywriting is particularly important.

  1. Traffic acquisition ability

80% of the traffic on the Amazon platform comes from the site. In-site advertising is the main tool for acquiring on-site traffic. Proper operation can obtain a large amount of low-cost traffic. Combined with the introduction of off-site traffic, it can fully cover the traffic entrance.

  1. Improve the ability to convert

Continuously analyze data in operation, optimize product copywriting, improve product conversion, and turn traffic into orders.

  1. Account risk in Amazon’s operations
  2. How to prevent account information from being affected

(1) Registration information: name, email address (no rules required), registered address (return), phone number, credit card, password, etc. can not be the same. If you register multiple accounts, any unique private information must not be the same.

(2) Amazon FBA shipping information association: address, phone number and contact person should be different for each account

(3) Receiving account number: Whether it is a US bank card, worldfirst or p card, the card number must be different, the name can be the same, and these will not be related.

  1. The influence of the network side

Router MAC address, external network IP address—resolutely do not operate multiple accounts at the same time under the same external network IP environment

(1) Router MAC address:

Amazon is able to grab the router’s mac address

Countermeasure: use dial-up directly or replace route (mac address clone, not recommended)

(2) IP address

Non-dedicated line broadband is dynamic IP, restarting the router can switch IP, but even without restarting, your network, every day, even

The IP of the external network is different every few hours and can be queried.

  1. How to prevent the influence of the operator

Network card MAC address, browser Cookies, Flash objects, hard disk information (obtained through plug-ins)–resolutely do not operate multiple accounts (hosts) on the same computer at the same time

(1) Network card: mac addresses cannot be the same

Countermeasure: Replace the network card (MAC address modifier, not recommended)

Note: On the same computer, the account corresponding to the previous network card has been infringed. You can add a network card, but you must disable all

There are the rest of the network adapters

(2) Router: The MAC address of the router cannot be the same

Countermeasure: use dial-up directly or replace route (mac address clone, not recommended)

Case: Suppose account A has been registered on the router, but the application is not completely successful, so A is abandoned, and then B is successfully applied for

account, but there is a case where A has also successfully applied for it.

(3) Browser cookies

A cookie is a simple text file placed on your hard drive by a web server when you browse a website.

information such as user ID, password, web pages viewed, time spent, etc.

(4) Email pictures or flash

In the email, if you load a picture or flash object, you can read your IP address, the key is these pictures or flash, there are

When you’re too young to notice.

There are two solutions to this problem:

a. Use gmail’s disable mail loading feature.

b. Just look at the title of the email. If you want to see the details, go to the Amazon backstage.

(5) Browser fingerprint

Amazon can collect innocuous data about your browser, such as plugins, system fonts, operating system version, typing style,

typing speed, etc.

Individually, these data cannot identify you, but these data together are a digital fingerprint, which can be judged as

Not operated by the same person, just as we can find a person with a fingerprint.

  1. The influence of stores and products

(1) Picture association: product picture name, picture shooting angle, different stores should be different

(2) Description correlation: title description, detailed description, many sellers are lazy, and basically copy the previous store. must be rewritten.

(3) Do not use the trademark of the closed store and the company’s personal credit card address information

(4) Brand filing association: the same brand can only be filed in one store (except for brand authorization)

(5) Store product information: product duplication information between stores should not exceed 30%

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