When does off-site promotion on Amazon need to be done?

The involution of advertisements is really a real headache. Everyone wants to expose more and place more orders.

At present, the layout of the Amazon site has been very stable, and the flow of traffic has been clearly arranged.

Most of them go to mature brands, and the rest are too many monks and porridges, and they are beaten to death. As a result, after the competition for advertising bidding words is large, the bids will be higher, and the advertising space is not necessarily earned.

The cost of advertising on the site is rising, and it is a general trend to seek low-cost traffic outside the site!

When is your product suitable for off-site promotion more effective?
① When new products are released
It can be solved by doing off-site: keyword ranking and review rate. Off-site promotion can quickly improve the ranking of certain keywords.

②When the conversion rate of on-site advertising has not been improved
The old Amazon operators should be very familiar with it, and the advertisements on the site can’t be converted even if they burn orders every day. In this case, most of it is because your listing performance is poor, and Amazon has given advertising slots to other sellers. At this time, by placing orders outside the station, you can help you improve the order placement and conversion rate. Quickly help you regain the pit of advertising!

③When sales suddenly drop
A certain ASIN’s orders are very stable, but in the past 1-2 days, the sales have suddenly dropped. At this time, you need to pull the rankings through the site, and then increase the advertising. Otherwise, it will not be easy for the product ranking to sink and rise again!

④When the sales bottleneck period

At this stage, the sales on the site are stagnant, and there is no improvement in optimizing listings and increasing the advertising budget. At this time, it may be very effective to use off-site promotion to help;

⑤ Peak season

At this stage when Amazon is strongly promoting, if you follow the trend and carry out off-site promotion, you will get twice the result with half the effort. Regardless of the promotion inside and outside the station, you must learn to use the platform’s traffic;

⑥ 1-2 days before the spike

Everyone knows that the effect of seckill is closely related to the ranking of the product. A product that has no sales will not explode in order. At this time, you need to drive sales for you outside the station first, and then the sales of seckill will be much better!

⑦When clearing inventory

For products that cannot be sold or pushed, seasonal products, set low discounts through off-site promotion to quickly clear inventory.

The main functions and advantages of off-site promotion are:

  1. To increase popularity. The traffic is large, so that your product has enough exposure and provides a reference for customers to make subsequent purchase decisions.
  2. The recommended traffic increases. It is a third-party traffic platform, which can reduce operating costs and improve sales conversion rate. When sales increase, you will be able to properly get the attention of platforms such as Amazon!
  3. Optimize the supply chain. Through off-site promotion, you can see more customer evaluations and user experience of the product, which helps to optimize your product, and the final product price and quality can be improved.
  4. Keyword rankings rise. Short-term increase in Listing traffic and sales, thereby improving website ranking.
  5. Quickly clear inventory. Off-site promotion can greatly improve the speed of clearing inventory, clearing the limited storage capacity in a short time and returning funds to achieve a healthy state.

Borrow off-site traffic to boost Amazon product sales when you don’t want to burn money with Amazon Advertising.

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