Small and micro enterprises that have passed the “survival” stage

How to “seek development” in the post epidemic Era

Has become an urgent problem to be solved

It’s getting cold, and more and more people come to eat hot pot. The business in Chongqing hot pot city is one table after another. The landlady, Sister Zhang, is busy greeting guests

“How many times we turn over the stage today is not an imagination, but through the practical preparation of meals and services.”

Sister Zhang, the owner of Chongqing hotpot city for many years, always believes that only by always focusing on customers can the business of Chongqing hotpot city become more and more prosperous. In China, there are not a few small and micro business owners like Zhang Jie who struggle tenaciously. They are the most flexible and adaptable economy in the market economy.

Even in the face of last year’s special circumstances and other irresistible factors, they also have their own unique survival rules.

Struggle is always the most sure choice

When the track in 2020 extends to 2021, probably no one will feel the passage of time and significance better than small and micro business owners. According to relevant big data research, among the small and micro enterprises participating in the survey, 80% of the enterprises surveyed were affected to varying degrees, 57.6% had a decline in order volume, and 44.3% had a debt ratio of more than 40%.

Under the influence of the epidemic, the pressure from all walks of life has increased sharply. In particular, small and micro enterprises, as China’s economic capillaries, are experiencing a “cold winter” of development.

Business was bad, and brother Liang, a Fujian businessman, did not give up. He has been engaged in commodity wholesale business for some years. No matter what happens, he still insists on running and delivering goods at the front line. After the source of goods, the warehouse, the logistics and the merchants, he would still communicate with the merchants with a smile to ensure the delivery time, even if his life was already a chicken feather and he could not afford to eat.

“If I had been sitting in the office, the company would have been ruined…” in brother Liang’s view, being busy is a kind of happiness, and his adherence to “three days are doomed, seven points depend on hard work” is a true portrayal of every business owner.

Like Liang Ge, Mr. Fang from Hangzhou Kedian Co., Ltd. is also fighting on the front line. He leads the company’s employees to actively resume work and production, and works hard on the front line.

The real-time tracking of the supply chain network, visits to workshops and factories, timely discussion with front-line employees and giving business opinions… Striving for success is a responsibility and mission for him. “We have no fault tolerance in this business. What we strive for is the ability to predict. The fluctuation of a few cents’ price will lead to the shock of the whole manufacturing industry.”

Too many people see the brilliance of the winners, but ignore the efforts behind them. In the face of life, everyone is equal. Striving is a choice, and it is precisely the most certain of our numerous choices.

In business, there is no lone hero

In the business field, we have never fought alone. Cooperation between teams and mutual trust and struggle are equally important.

For Danny, the entrepreneur, when there are different voices in the team, sometimes the seemingly inhumane “persistence” is actually responsible for himself and the team.

In the Internet industry, which stresses efficiency first, Danny and the whole team are working overtime to ensure that the products are launched on schedule. When there are different voices in the team, he chooses to stick to his position and strive for perfection. He does not ignore any defects and problems. Even if the time is urgent, he cannot go online one minute late.

In Danny’s opinion, if the company is harmonious, the result will be mutual compromise. Only by sticking to the end can we justify our profession.

Compared with the “picky” in the Internet industry, Wangshu, a Chaoshan mahogany furniture dealer who has been struggling in the traditional industry for many years, believes in “harmony makes money”.

When the two friends were embarrassed because the furniture goods were affected by the epidemic and they couldn’t collect the money in time, Uncle Wang’s words “don’t mention the money, harmony can make money” resolved the business contradiction between the two old friends.

Whether it is the “competition” between specialty and time, or the “harmony” in the face of a shortage of funds from friends in the same industry, it shows the game and competition of small and micro enterprises in the business field. The living beings of these small and micro enterprises have been vividly displayed in the recent short video “business secrets of entrepreneurs” by micro banks and micro industry loans. In the special period, they built the foundation for the stable development of China’s economy with wisdom and tenacity.

Sustained growth with external forces

For these small and micro enterprises that have passed the “survival” stage, how to seek long-term and meaningful development in the post epidemic era has become an urgent problem to be solved.

Compared with small and micro enterprises in Japan and the United States, the life cycle of small and micro enterprises in China is short. This has a lot to do with the economic environment and the continuous shortening of product cycle. The key to prolonging the life of small and micro enterprises is to support innovative operation through adequate capital operation.

Aqin in Foshan, Guangdong Province, is the head of a mechanical processing enterprise. Before the outbreak, the operation of the enterprise had begun to take shape, with an annual output value of more than 6million. The sudden outbreak disrupted the rhythm of the factory, and the enterprise stopped production for a time. After the shutdown, ah Qin was worried about the salary, rent and other financial problems of employees. After learning about the “three-month repayment extension” measures issued by Weizhong bank, he immediately applied for the deferred repayment on the official account of Weizhong bank’s corporate finance, which greatly eased the financial pressure of the enterprise.

There are many small and micro business owners like ah Qin who have benefited from the relevant financial measures of wechat banks.

It is understood that over the past three years, the micro industry loan of Weizhong bank has provided services to more than 1.7 million enterprise legal persons, of which more than 70% of the customers come from the manufacturing, high-tech and wholesale and retail industries, all of which are small and micro enterprises in the real economy.

Indeed, in the face of the challenges in special times, such warm financial brands as Weizhong bank and Weiye loan give small and micro enterprises more confidence and strength, and make more small and micro business owners believe that even though there are many difficulties, the future is still promising.




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