How to Wholesale Sourcing Clothing for Your Boutique

This is an exciting time to launch your fashion boutique. The incredible power of the internet and social media gives you the opportunity to start and grow your new clothing business with passion, good planning and a lot of hard work. But of course, you need stylish clothing to sell. So, let’s take a look at how to source wholesale clothing for your store.

  1. Who are your customers?

Before you worry about where to find quality boutique wholesale clothing, you need to know what you’re selling. In order for your boutique to find a home in the vast world of fashion, you need a specific niche or a small portion of the fashion market you want to sell. Make this niche as detailed as possible. If you’re going to sell “women’s clothing,” what does that mean? Nurse uniform? Formal dress? Business attire? Trendy boho style for women in their 30s and 40s?

Be more specific in terms of size range and price range. The formal dress for the country high school prom is very different from the formal dress for the downtown gallery opening. When you zero in on your niche, you can position your boutique as the go-to for a specific type of clothing.

Once you’ve decided on your fashion boutique’s niche, find out who your ideal customers are. In marketing circles, this is called developing buyer personas. Here, too, be very specific about her age, occupation, likes, dislikes, needs, and budget.

Is she someone who values ​​classics, or is she always keeping up with the latest trends? Who is her favorite influencer, or her own trendsetter? From your brand to where to buy wholesale clothing for your boutique, you should take her into account in all your business decisions.

  1. Where to buy wholesale clothing

Where to buy wholesale clothing for boutiques is a crucial consideration. Some wholesale boutique clothing suppliers require you to have a tax ID number, while others do not. This is just one of the many ways that boutique fashion wholesalers differentiate themselves. Some wholesale clothing distributors are located overseas, and lower prices are balanced by longer shipping times and complex supply lines. Some require large orders to qualify for wholesale prices, while others have no minimum order.

You might even find that some of the best wholesale clothing suppliers aren’t wholesalers at all, but large department store and fashion store chains that are closing or downsizing. In recent years, Macy’s, Kmart, Gap, Niemen Marcus, JCPenney, and others have all liquidated their stocks below wholesale prices. These liquidation sales present a great opportunity for fashion boutique owners who can stock their inventory.

Search online for wholesale boutique clothing suppliers who sell styles that fit your niche and ideal clientele. In addition to web searches like “buy wholesale women’s clothing,” research your favorite brands online. Most brands provide links to information about their wholesale programs at the bottom or top of their website.

  1. Evaluate wholesale clothing suppliers

If you’re researching how to buy wholesale clothing, you haven’t found a supplier you want to call your partner. It’s not just about finding a place to buy clothes. Just as you want to build relationships with your customers, the right wholesale supplier will be your business partner. When evaluating wholesale clothing suppliers, consider the following:

Quality: Don’t mistake pricing as the most important consideration when choosing a wholesale clothing distributor. Cute styles and fun fabrics make for a single sale. But what turns first-time buyers into repeat customers is quality. Always choose quality boutique wholesale clothing. Your business reputation and future depend on it.

Stick with the brand: If your niche is premium swimwear, even the cutest ski jacket at the lowest price is not a good choice. Find wholesale suppliers of styles that fit your ideal customer.

Supply Line: Where are the garments made? If your ideal client is young and engaged, it may be important to her that you source domestic clothing to reduce your carbon footprint. You may find that made in China fashion is the right choice for your boutique through a company like Alibaba. But as you make your decision, consider what the pandemic has taught us about long and complex supply chains.

Dropshipping: Some of the best wholesale clothing suppliers offer dropshipping, which could be a boon for your new fashion boutique. Drop shipping saves you from having to store inventory and manage shipping. Suppliers use your boutique name as a shipper to ship customers’ orders directly from their own warehouse.

Sales and Returns: Research the sales and return policies of the different wholesale suppliers you want to do business with.

Know the size: Know the size of each supplier as much as possible. Are their styles a bit small? Are they a bit short? Do they offer plus size? Your knowledge and expertise are the main selling points of your boutique. Make sure you know how clothes fit your customers.

Always look ahead: If you’re stocking brick-and-mortar fashion boutiques, you’ll need to buy at least one season in advance.

Buy what you need: Many wholesale clothing suppliers offer additional discounts when you buy in bulk, while some only handle bulk orders. Look for sellers who can fulfill smaller orders so you don’t overextend your business.

With these considerations in mind, you can evaluate different sellers to determine which wholesale clothing suppliers are the best fit for you as a partner.

At Shopvidi Clothing Wholesale, we look forward to working with you to make your fashion boutique a success. Our fashionable womenswear is made in the Los Angeles Garment District and quality is our number one consideration. We introduce new styles every week. Keeping up with trends means your boutique is always fresh and up-to-date. We have no minimum order, we ship directly to you, we offer drop shipping.

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