Many foreign trade friends may not know whatsapp, or they may not know how to use it to develop customers. So let me give you a brief introduction to this live chat app and how to make full use of it to develop customers.

What is Whatsapp?

Formerly called WhatsApp Messenger (referred to as WhatsApp) is an application for communication between smartphones, supporting iPhone and Android phones. It like WeChat, this social application can instantly receive messages from relatives, friends and colleagues with the help of push notification service. You can also switch from texting to using the WhatsApp program for free. This application mainly focuses on sending and receiving information, pictures, audio files and video information.

How is it registered?

WhatsApp is registered based on the mobile phone number. When registering, the user needs to enter the mobile phone number and accept a verification text message. Then WhatsApp will search the user’s mobile phone address book for people who are already in use and automatically add them to the user’s mobile phone contacts. In the list, you can chat directly without adding friends. After logging in with your mobile phone, you can scan the code to log in to the web page, which is convenient for office workers.

What are the advantages of Whatsapp?

One: No hidden charges

One of the purest social software, no built-in fee items. Once you and your friends have downloaded the app, you can chat freely. Send a million messages to your friends for free every day. WhatsApp uses your internet connection: use data or wifi when available.

Two: mobile phone number association, no need to add friends

There’s no need to memorize sets of passwords or usernames. Like SMS, WhatsApp can be used with your mobile number and combined with the numbers in your existing phone contacts. Use the number information in your phone’s address book to automatically connect you to your contacts. Contacts who have WhatsApp installed will automatically appear under the “Favorites” list, which is equivalent to automatically generating a friend list. And feel free to edit your Favorites list any way you like.

Three: Offline Information

Even if you miss a push notification or turn off your iPhone, WhatsApp saves the messages you received while offline until you can retrieve and review them when you use the app again.

Four: No login/logout

You no longer need to be confused about quitting applications on your computer or other device. WhatsApp utilizes a push notification service that is always enabled and connected.

Five: Status notification

You can use WhatsApp’s status feature to let your contacts know if you’re busy, in a meeting, working out, or online. In this way, unnecessary misunderstandings caused by not responding to information in time can be avoided to a great extent.

How to develop customers with Whatsapp?

To use whatsapp to develop customers, we first need to get the customer’s mobile number. So what are the ways to obtain customer numbers? Let me introduce you to several methods for obtaining customer contact information.

  • Offline exchange exhibition, collect customer’s mobile phone number;
  • The contact information of customers obtained by advertising on social platforms;
  • Google direct search to collect customer information;
  • Take advantage of widgets to acquire customer

First, we scan the code to log in to the web page of whatsapp, then enter the English name of the product to be sold in the keyword column, select the country to be searched, then select the social platform to be searched in the social platform column, and finally click to start the query.

After a short wait we can search for a lot of valuable information about customer contact details for LED products. Then we can choose to export the number or one-click group sending.

Click Settings to select the time interval and message limit for group sending.

Then click “+Contacts/Messages” to import the contacts you just saved and enter the messages to be sent. You can easily develop foreign customers.

We can also search, search and add keywords in groups, so that we can send group messages to promote products.You can even extract the contact information of members in the group in batches for one-click mass promotion.

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