What’s so hard about entering data into an Excel spreadsheet? This is the most basic operation of Excel, as long as you can type it, right? However, in practice, this seemingly simple operation is sometimes not so easy to complete.

Since different work content requires data in different formats, there are various types of data in Excel worksheets. Therefore, when entering data, you must first understand the meaning of the data types in this worksheet, and clarify difference between them. In fact, when inputting, using and modifying various types of data, there are many small skills that can be used. Understanding and mastering these skills can help us complete our work efficiently and satisfactorily.

Batch add various symbols to data in Excel table

Quickly enter various values in Excel

In general, numerical data can be understood as some measurement numbers, that is, data used for various mathematical calculations, such as employee age, salary, sales performance, etc., which are called “numeric” data in Excel.

When entering such data, sometimes it is necessary to add some symbols, such as adding a ¥ symbol when entering an amount, or when entering data such as growth rate and completion rate, you need to add a percent sign after the number. If all data is manually entered with these symbols, it will definitely slow down the entry speed, so we will let Excel add these symbols by itself.

For example, when you want to enter a large number of numbers representing an amount in Excel, each amount must be added with the currency symbol ¥. Under normal circumstances, you need to hold down shift + 4 to enter ¥, but in Excel, we can first enter all the amount data into the table, then select these cells, click the “Accounting Number Format” button in the Excel function menu, these numbers It will automatically add the ¥ prefix and automatically display two decimal places.

You can also select the currency symbols of other countries by clicking the small triangle next to the “Accounting Number Format” button.

Similarly, to batch add percent signs to numbers in cells, you can also use the % shortcut button.

In addition to currency symbols and percent signs, you can also set the numbers in cells to more types by clicking the Cell Properties drop-down menu in Excel’s “Number” menu.

More number formats

Batch add various symbols to data in Excel table


 When entering percentage values, pay attention to the order of entering numbers and adding percent signs. For example, when you want to enter the value of 15%, if you enter a number first, and then click the percent sign button, the number in the cell should be 0.15, not 15, so that after clicking the percent sign button, you get It is 15%, otherwise it will become 1500%; if you know in advance which cells need a percentage value, you can also click the percent button when there is no number in the cell, so enter 15 in this cell, What you get is 15%.

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