Excel adds comments to cells

Adding a comment to a cell helps to understand what the cell is for, what input it should have, etc. It helps with proper documentation.

To add a comment to a cell, select the cell and do any of the actions mentioned below.

Select Comments»Comments»New Comment.

Right-click the cell and select Insert Comment from the available options.

Press Shift+F2.

Originally, comments consisted of the computer’s username. You must modify it with the text of the cell comment.

Add notes in Excel

Edit Comments: You can edit previously entered comments as described below

Add notes in Excel

Select the cell where the comment appears.

Right-click the cell and select Edit Comment from the available options.

Edit comments.

formatted comments

Add notes in Excel

Various formatting options are available for comments. To format a comment, right-click on the cell » Edit Comment » Select Comment » Right-click on it » Format Comment. With annotation formatting, you can change the color, font, size, and more of the annotation.


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