Excel is an important part of the office software Office launched by Microsoft, and it is also one of the most popular software for spreadsheet processing. It has powerful functions such as calculation, analysis and charting, and is the most commonly used office Data table software.

There are also tables in Word. The biggest difference between Excel tables and Wood tables is that Excel tables have powerful numerical operations and digital analysis capabilities. The built-in formulas and functions in Excel may help users perform complex calculations. It has powerful functions, which make it an indispensable office software for users.


Everyone knows that Excel tables can draw tabular data, but Excel can also draw pictures. How does EXCEL draw? Here I share my experience with you.

Create a new EXCEL table on the computer, open EXCEL, in “Insert”, find “Picture”, and import a picture

Hold down ctrl+A to select all cells, click Start – Format – Row Height, enter 12 in the Row Height dialog box, and enter 1.5 in the Column Width dialog box.

Select the A1:Z28 area, press the “Camera” button in the ribbon, click the AM1 cell, you will find that the original area is copied, right-click the copied image, select “Format Object”, open the dialog box, in Select no fill color in Fill & Line,

 Press and hold the inserted original picture and move it to the copied picture. At this time, grid lines appear on the picture. At this time, use the free polygon drawing tool to divide by color, and then fill in different colors to complete.

How to encrypt Excel files?

In addition to encrypting and protecting worksheets and workbooks in Excel, you can also encrypt the Excel file itself. How to do it?

Open an Excel file and select the “File” option.

Click the “Information” tab to enter the “Information” page.

Click “Permissions” and select “Protect Workbook”.

In the drop-down options, select “Encrypt with password”.

Follow the system prompts, enter the encryption password twice, and click OK.

Exit after saving the file. Open the file again, we see that the correct password must be entered to access the file, and the Excel file is encrypted successfully.


The above operations can implement encryption protection for the Excel file itself.

The user must keep the file password properly so as not to affect the use of the file


How to cut out a picture with excel?

Excel is a very common work software in our daily work. Mastering the small skills of excel can greatly improve our work efficiency.

The following will introduce a method to use excel to cut out a map, let’s learn together!

Click Insert – Illustration – Image – Select Image

Select the Format tab and click Remove Background

select the desired part

Hit enter or click to keep changes

The picture is successfully extracted, isn’t it very simple?

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