How to enter text in an Excel worksheet

Entering text in an Excel worksheet is a piece of cake, and this chapter explains how to enter text in an Excel worksheet. When you open an Excel worksheet, a new worksheet is displayed by default as shown in the screenshot below.

Excel worksheet text input

The worksheet area is where you type text. The blinking vertical bar is called the insertion point, and it indicates where the text will appear as you type. When you click on a box, the box will be highlighted. When you double-click the box, a flashing vertical bar appears and you can start entering data.

So just keep the mouse cursor at the text insertion point and start typing whatever text you want. We only entered two words “Hello Excel” as shown below. As you type, the text appears to the left of the insertion point.

Excel worksheet text input

Here are three key points to help you as you type:

Press Tab to go to the next column.

Press Enter to go to the next line.

Press Alt + Enter to enter a new line in the same column.


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