How to Make Beautiful Dynamic Doughnut Charts Using Excel

This article uses an example to describe the method of using Excel to make a beautiful dynamic ring chart, and the specific effect.

Data are as follows:

Drawing steps:

First, insert a control button.

Developer Tools – Insert – Combo Box.

How to call up the development tools: File – Options – Customize the Ribbon – Main Tab – Development Tools (check).

After drawing, right-click the control – set the control format.

After setting the control, when the control drop-down box is selected, the linked cell number will change accordingly.

The returned number is the relative position of the data selected in the control in the area, which is consistent with the result returned by the MATCH function.


Build data.

Copy the table title to A9:E9, enter the formula in A9, and pull to the right.

Formula analysis:

Use INDEX to extract the data of the first few rows. The $B7 cell is the control link cell, and the data changes with the control change.

Enter in cell A11: blank placeholder.

Enter the formula in B11 and pull to the right:

Here it is assumed that the maximum value of the circle is 650.

Create the chart:

Select Build Data Insertion – Donut Chart.

Choose Chart – Design – Toggle Rows/Columns.

Select the chart – right click – select data – move the data up and down relationship, put the maximum value on the outside, and the minimum value on the inside.

Select Chart Series – Right Click – Format Data Series.

The rotation is 180 and the inner diameter of the circle is 45%.

Set the color of the chart, set the red area to be unfilled, and the blue area to set the color you want.

The effect is as shown in the figure:

Copy the cell after setting the data and paste it as a linked picture.

Use cell fill colors to enter titles, typeset and combine charts.

The effect is as shown in the figure:

If you feel that there is too much auxiliary data and do not want people to see your auxiliary area, you can put the data in another table or hide the cells.

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