Recently, many friends have expressed that they still don’t know how to set up auto-fill formulas in Excel? So now, Xiaobian brings you how to set up Excel’s auto-fill formulas. Those who are not sure about it, come and learn it.

      1. First, open the Excel table, select the cell where you want to input the result, select File-AutoSum in the menu bar, and select the desired formula.

      2. Then, automatically select the cells to be calculated, and click Enter.

How to set auto fill formula in Excel?

How to use excel to make a graph?

In the Excel table, you can click Insert to add a graph.

1. Open Excel, click on the blank workbook, and create a simple data table.

2. Select the created table data area and click Insert.

3. Select the graph, create a graph, select the title, and modify it into the data title.

4. According to the above steps, a graph can be made.

How to set auto fill formula in Excel?

How to import txt data into Excel table?

There is a simulated txt data, I want to put it in an excel sheet for analysis

The first step, we are under the data tab, click from text, then select our data source

The second step is to set the text import, here we check according to whether the data contains the title or not

Then check the TAB key and space

Then we adjust the format of the column of data with more than 15 digits to text format

In this way, the import is completed, and the data display is normal.

This two-step song is a general import of txt document data. Of course, if we import data, there are many different processing methods, for example, if the above situation occurs, we can use data to divide into columns, To separate quickly, you should also pay attention to the third small step of data separation. When selecting text and pasting data, E+ appears, then we only need to adjust the format of this column to text in advance. Then paste it again to get the normal result.

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