(1) If printing “Residential Housing Convention”, it needs to be printed in a format of 1 meter wide and 1.2 meters long, on ordinary wide line paper, with 3 sheets horizontally and 5 sheets vertically, for a total of 15 sheets.

(2) First, use Word to input the required text and arrange it on one page. The size of the text does not matter. This layout is the reduced version of your predetermined image and text. Pay attention to the number of words in the text and the overall aspect ratio. Select the full text and click the “Copy” button or press “Ctrl+C”.

(3) Open Excel again, select the display ratio on the new file, such as 25% or double-click the display ratio number, and modify the ratio, such as 10%, in order to display more pages. Right-click in the blank space, select “Paste Special” on the pop-up menu, select the “Paste Link” method in the pop-up dialog box, and then click OK.

How to use Excel to print out large-format mosaic graphics?

(4) The image pasted in the new Excel file is smaller, select it, and then drag to enlarge, it can be elongated or widened, and the font in it will also be longer or wider. You can also click the right mouse button on the selected image, select “Format Object” on the pop-up menu, and then in the “Format Object” dialog box, you can use numbers to accurately color and line, size, image, etc. set up. If you need to edit the text in it, you can modify it in the original text in Word, which is why you use “Paste Link”.

(5) If there are pictures or texts that need to be combined, they can be added to the original text, combined into one and then copied, and “paste selective” on the Excel file. You can also do it separately, make “Paste Special” on the Excel file, and then paste it to the Excel file and place it in a suitable location. In short, it can be combined first and then pasted, or it can be pasted first and then combined.

(6) After pasting pictures and texts on Excel, you can see the dotted lines of the pagination. Use the preview to see the status of each page, so as to know which pages need to be printed, and you can preview the full text with “Pagination Preview”. If the text exceeds the print range, you can also set the print range in “Page Setup”.

(7) If there is no problem, it can be printed.

Distinguish between text and numerical values that are easily confused by Excel tables

Text data is descriptive, explanatory content. Text data can be any character, so sometimes text and numeric values ​​can be confused. For example, mobile phone numbers and bank account numbers, although they are a string of numbers, they are not numerical values ​​used for calculation, but text.

When Excel recognizes a long string of numbers as numeric values, if the cell width is not enough, the string of numbers will be automatically displayed in scientific notation format such as “1.39E+10”. There are two ways to make it appear as a normal number, the first is to widen the column where the cell is located.

How to use Excel to print out large-format mosaic graphics?

The second is to add an English single quote ‘ before the string of numbers

Through this example, we can mainly learn how to change the name of the worksheet label, merge several cells, how to enter the date, how to tell Excel to treat the entered number as text, and how to adjust the column width and row height of the cell. These knowledge and skills are often needed when entering data.

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