If you use these custom options described below, you need to click the “Office” button, then click the “Excel Options” button to open the “Excel Options” dialog box (except for the last one).

Master Excel 2022 Six Skills to Become a Form Master

1. Change the default number of worksheets

By default, when you open Excel, a new blank workbook is created, which contains 3 blank worksheets. But will you always use these 3 worksheets? Or if more worksheets may be used? In fact, this value can be changed to any value from 1 to 255. Of course, very few people will use 255 worksheets. In the “General” tab of the “Excel Options” dialog box, you can change the “Number of Worksheets Included” to your desired value when creating a new workbook.

2. Change the number of recently used document lists

When using Excel 2022 to open several workbooks, click the “Office Button” to see a list of recently used documents in the right pane. By default the number of this list is 17, but we can change it to any number from 1 to 50. Click the “Advanced” tab in the “Excel Options” dialog box, and then set the desired value to the right of “Show this number of ‘recent documents'” in the “Display” area.

3. Change Username

Some things are very simple, but almost no one uses them. Adding a username allows you to embed the name as the author’s name in future documents. When you open the workbook properties dialog, you can see the author’s byline. If you want to change the user name, you can do so in the General tab of the Excel Options dialog.

4. Change the standard font

When you save a workbook, do you often change the font and size to another size? If so, change Excel’s standard font and size to whatever you want. Standard fonts can be changed on the General tab of the Excel Options dialog box.

Master Excel 2022 Six Skills to Become a Form Master

5. Change the default file storage location

When you save a workbook, do you often look for your favorite destination folder in the “Save As” dialog box? By changing the file storage location, you can avoid this from happening. This saves a lot of time every time you save a file. The default file storage location can be changed in the Save tab of the Excel Options dialog.

6. Customize the status bar

When certain cells are selected in the worksheet, some information related to the selected item is displayed in the status bar. For example, the number of cells currently selected, the maximum and average values ​​in the selected data, etc. This feature is very useful, it allows you to get some information you need without using formulas.

Right-click on the status bar to open the Customize Status Bar menu, where you can select items to show or hide in the status bar.

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