There are 10000 phone numbers, pure phone numbers, now I need to randomly extract 6000 numbers from these 10000 numbers

Randomly extract non-repeated data without 0 in Excel

No repetition, no 0 will appear, how to achieve this?

This can be achieved with the “sampling” tool in excel.

First make sure that your excel is fully installed.

1. Click Tools – Add-Ins, select “Analysis Tool Library” in the pop-up Add-Ins window, and confirm.

2. Click Tools – Data Analysis, select “Sampling” in the list

3. As the example of the picture I uploaded, in this example, there are 100 pieces of data in the input area, you can replace this area with the area where your 10,000 pieces of data are located, and you can choose periodic sampling or random sampling in the sampling method. The output area selects the cell that outputs the random number extracted.

How to extract duplicate data in excel table?

There is a column of data with about 5,000 numbers, but about 300 of the 5,000 numbers are repeated, and they are not arranged together. Is there any simple way to extract the repeated numbers?

If the data is in column A, A1 is the first,

Then you enter the following formula in a blank cell in the first row


The above formula is that as long as it is repeated, the value of this formula is 1, and the empty one is not repeated.


The above formula is that the value of the formula that is repeated for the first time does not change, the value of the formula is 1 when the repetition occurs for the second time, and it is empty in other cases.

For the above formula, you can choose a formula you need to try.

You can use automatic filtering to select the one with “1”, and then copy or other operations.

Randomly extract non-repeated data without 0 in Excel

Hidden data protection Excel entry data is also safe

When teachers use Excel to input test scores, if there is an error in the middle, it is likely to cause a wide range of score input errors. When faced with a large amount of data, how to quickly retain the correct grades, and quickly delete the errors and correct them? Let’s try the hidden data protection that comes with Excel. You can do whatever you want when deleting data.

Step 1: We select the row or column that needs to protect the data, as shown in the figure C and D, and then select “Format” → “Column” → “Hide”. After confirmation, we can see that columns C and D have been hidden, and the contents of columns C and D can no longer be seen in Excel.

Step 2: Then select the row or column whose content needs to be selectively deleted, such as columns B, E, and F selected in the figure, then click “Edit” in the toolbar, and then select “Location” to call up the positioning function frame. Or after selecting the data part, press the shortcut key “F5” to open the same function. Next, select “Visible Cells” and return to the main interface.

Step 3: Next, we can delete the data in the table at will. After deleting, select “Format” → “Column” in the function bar, and select “Unhide”. The previously hidden data of columns C and D appeared intact. This method can also be used to selectively delete the contents of a row.

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