If you only print a single-column table in Excel, I believe some friends will scratch their heads for this. Since there is no “column” function in Excel’s page settings, it is not very good to print a long column. It’s done, but using Excel’s fellow student Word, you can arrange the content of this column horizontally and display it row by row. The specific method is as follows:

Teach you how to print a single-column table in Office Excel

Open form

Copy a column to be printed, then click “File→New…→Workbook” in the menu, then paste a copied column into the first column of the workbook, and click “Save” under “File” , in the pop-up save window, select “Save as type” as “Text file (tab delimited) (*.txt)”, then click “Save”, ignore the pop-up prompt, click “OK” or “Yes” Save this workbook as “book1.txt”.

Teach you how to print a single-column table in Office Excel

Next, open Word and click “File → Open…” in the menu

In the pop-up open window, change the file type to “All files (*.*)”, and then select Open to save “book1.txt” just now, also “book1.txt” is displayed in a long column in the Word window. Text, if your Word does not uncheck the “Show Paragraph Marks” under “View”, you will find that there will be a paragraph mark after each line, just replace the paragraph mark with a few spaces , you can display these text horizontally! Yes, that’s what it means!

Next, click “Replace” under “Edit”, in the pop-up “Find and Replace” window, click “Advanced” to expand the menu of advanced search, click “Special Characters”, and select “Paragraph Mark” in the pop-up menu , so that “^p” is displayed in the “Find Content” item. Of course, you can also directly enter “^P” in “Find Content”, and then enter a few spaces in the “Replace with” item. The specific number depends on the number to be printed. depends on the content.

Finally, click “Replace All”, and after the replacement complete prompt appears, look at the text that was originally displayed in a single column in Word, whether it has become displayed line by line. Next, just adjust and modify the text and add the title. , you can print it.

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