Sometimes, due to the needs of work, we may wish to know the data changes in some cells in some Excel 2007 at any time.

For example, sometimes we need to view multiple table areas at the same time. For the preparation of salary tables, we must simultaneously view the contents of worksheets such as attendance, punishment, and overtime; for example, when accounting costs, it will be controlled according to changes in data. each parameter. If it is very troublesome to repeat the search every time, you can use the “watch window” of Excel 2007.

The "Watch Window" application of Office Excel 2007

The way to use the “Watch Window” in Excel 2007 is: just select the cell, switch to the “Formula” tab, find “Formula Review” and click “Watch Window”, the watch window will always stay at the top level of the worksheet .

Click the “Add Watch” option to add this cell to the watch window.

This way, no matter where you look in the workbook, the watch window will appear on the screen. If you do not want to continue monitoring a cell, just select the cell in the monitoring window, and then click the “Remove Monitoring” button.

The "Watch Window" application of Office Excel 2007

In addition, if you want to quickly move between multiple areas, you can also use the watch window, and double-click the selected item added to the watch window.

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