For many friends who do financial work or write financial blog sites, and travel frequently, it is not easy to update the content of the blog (or unit website collaborative office system) in the form of charts outside: the lack of professional software greatly restricts them. work. It would be great if the charts could be updated automatically in real-time synchronously! At this time, I thought of the online office system that is wildly popular on the Internet. After some pondering, I found that “Google Docs” can fully realize this function.

In fact, the operation of implementing this function with Google Docs service is very simple:

Step 1: Open and log in Google Docs in a browser, and execute the “New → Spreadsheet” command in the Google Docs operation interface that appears to open a blank spreadsheet.

Step 2: Enter the relevant data to generate the chart in the blank spreadsheet. If the relevant data has been saved in an Excel file on your local computer, you can open the Excel file and select the relevant data. In the editing window of Google Docs, Press “Ctrl+V” simultaneously to paste it into the window.

Step 3: Select the relevant cell in the editing window of Google Docs, click the “Insert Gadget” button in the upper right corner of the screen, and select the type of tool you need in the “Add Gadget” dialog box. Naturally, what we want to choose is Related charts in the “Charts” class, such as the classic “Column Chart” I chose, click the “Add to Spreadsheet” button below it.

Step 4: Confirm the data range in the “Modify” dialog box that appears, and set options such as whether to use the 3D stereoscopic effect. Finally, press the “Apply and Close” button to complete the insertion of the chart.

Step 5: Does it feel cool to take a closer look at the 3D diagram you just inserted?

It is also very simple to publish it to a blog or website. We do not need to take screenshots or upload. Just click the drop-down triangle in the upper right corner of the chart box, and execute the “Publish Widget” command in the drop-down menu that appears, then a pop-up will appear. A “Publish Gadget” dialog box, select and copy the HTML code in it, and then paste it into the edit page of a blog or website or forum.

In the future, as long as we update the relevant values in the table in “Google Docs”, this chart widget will automatically update in real time, once and for all.

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