We do not retain data for law enforcement purposes unless we receive a valid retention request before the user deletes the content from our Services. In the normal course of our service, FM WhatsApp does not store sent messages or transaction logs of such sent messages.

Can the police recover deleted FM WhatsApp messages?

Introduction to the advantages and advantages of FM WhatsApp, detailed explanation of the advantages of FM WhatsApp official channels

FM WhatsApp is a world-renowned communication social software. Users around the world can send information anytime, anywhere. It is very convenient whether you are making friends or doing business. In addition, FM WhatsApp can also send messages between various smartphones. Here for everyone Share the advantages of FM WhatsApp and the detailed explanation of the advantages of the official channel group, I hope it can be helpful to all users.

FM WhatsApp Advantages Advantages Introduction:

1. Free to use: FM WhatsApp uses a mobile internet connection to allow users to call and message friends or family for free without paying extra for each message or call.

2. Free calls: If the user’s friends and family are in other countries, they can also use FM WhatsApp to call them for free. This call is made with an Internet connection and will not consume mobile phone minutes.

3. Multimedia function: Use FM WhatsApp to send and receive multimedia messages such as photos, video documents and voice.

Can the police recover deleted FM WhatsApp messages?

4. Group Chat: Enjoy group chat with your contacts and keep in touch with friends or family quite easily.

5. Web version use: Use the browser of the web version computer to send and receive FM WhatsApp messages.

6. NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: There are no extra charges for sending messages abroad via FM WhatsApp, and no international SMS charges for chatting with friends around the world.

7. Official channel group sending: You can use the customized push FM WhatsApp official channel to send messages in groups, without being blocked, and you can capture accurate users and accurately reach the target group.

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