FM WhatsApp is a new online chat social software, dress simple, simple operation, users on line real name registration, rest assured that social, a large number of high-quality friendship groups, all real people, every day there are millions of high-quality friends real name into the platform, a key intelligent greeting, more interactive and intimate, confide in the heart of the pressure, get rid of loneliness, fun social.

Summary of GBWhatsApp APK features


Added High quality of images and videos

Theme Store and New Sticker Packs Added

Anti-revoke Messages and Status

Found WhatsApp Customization Features

Message a number without saving any contact

DND mode

Fonts And Icons

FM WhatsApp Software Features

No international roaming charges: If your friends have this software installed on their Android or Blackberry or iPhone, you can chat with them in other countries and avoid annoying international messaging charges.

No ID or username: Why memorize your ID or username in your head? This software works as if you were using the SMS function in your cell phone, which is integrated with the contacts in your phone book.

No need to log in or out: No hassle of being forced to log out when you log in from another computer or phone. It is always logged in and connected.

No need to add contacts: Contacts in your phonebook are automatically associated with your WhatsApp Messenger contacts. Your contacts will be automatically displayed in your favorites list if you have this software installed.

More software features of FM WhatsApp

Offline Messaging: Even if you turn off your phone or are in an area with no signal. It will automatically store any messages you receive during this period and will automatically push offline messages to your phone once you turn it on or enter a signal area.

Cross-platform: Yes, you can send messages to and from your iPhone and Blackberry friends who have this software installed.

No need to sign in/out: You no longer need to be confused about signing out of the application on your computer or other devices, WhatsApp can always be enabled and connected with push notifications.

No need to add friends: WhatsApp syncs directly with your phone contacts and automatically connects you to them. Contacts that already have WhatsApp Messenger installed will be displayed and added to the “Favorites” directory.

Offline messaging: Even if you miss push notifications or turn off your phone, WhatsApp saves the messages you receive when you’re offline and you can view them when you log in to the app again.

No international fees: Just as you don’t have to pay for sending international emails, you don’t have to pay any international fees for sending WhatsApp messages. As long as your friends have WhatsApp Messenger installed, you can chat with friends around the world and avoid the hassle of international mobile messaging charges.

Say no to passwords and usernames: Why go through the trouble of remembering one set of passwords and usernames after another? Just like SMS, WhatsApp works with your phone number and integrates perfectly with your existing phone contacts. But believe me, it can bring you more fun than SMS.

More benefits: you can share addresses, exchange contact information, set personalized wallpaper, personalized notification ringtones, landscape display mode, precise time recording of messages sent, email backup of chat history, and the ability to send regular or multimedia messages to multiple contacts at the same time. And there are many more benefits of WhatsApp that you can discover.

No hidden costs: Once you and your friends download WhatsApp, you can enjoy unlimited instant messaging. WhatsApp uses your Internet connection: 3G, EDGE, or Wi-Fi if available.

Multimedia Messaging: Send video, picture, and voice messages to your friends.

Group Chat Rooms: Enjoy chatting in group chat rooms.

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