Many Android phone users download some of their favorite APK software(FM WhatsApp)to their computers and then install them on their phones. So, the question arises, how to install FM WhatsApp on Android phones? Today I will introduce several methods of Android cell phone software Android, I hope you like it!

FM WhatsApp
FM WhatsApp

Installation ofFM WhatsApp)package.

Method 1: Double-click the downloaded FM WhatsApp directly to install;

On the premise that the phone has been properly connected to the computer, you just need to double-click the downloaded. format software (such as the file on the left in the above figure), 91 Mobile Assistant will automatically pop up in the installation dialog box, for the system version in 2.2 and above, you can also choose the installation path (such as the red box part of the figure), to achieve the installation of software to the SD card, is also so simple Oh.

Method 2: Install the FM WhatsApp through 91 Assistant;

You can open the 91 cell phone assistant “game software” interface, click into the “install local software” interface, and then find the APK package you need to install, you can automatically add the software to the installation list and automatically install it.

Here we need to remind you that the software installed in this way will not automatically pop up in the installation path selection interface, you need to set the installation path through the lower right corner of the “Settings” option.

The software will be installed automatically according to the set path.

Method 3: Install the local APK package via SD card;

Some cell phones may not be able to connect to the computer directly, here is a more primitive but also simple method;

1, the phone will be connected to the computer through the data cable, open the phone’s USB storage device, through the computer in the form of removable disk directly read the phone’s memory card data (if there is no data cable, you can pull out the SD card, with a card reader to read the SD card data can also be the way);

2、Copy the APK package downloaded from the network to the removable disk;

3, close the USB storage device (or put the SD card back into the phone);

4, use the file manager (recommended ES file browser or Xiaomi files) to find the APK package to be installed;

5, click install;

6, the installation is complete.

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