If users download WhatsApp modules from trusted sources, rest assured that they are safe. It is completely safe to download and install.

Is FM WhatsApp harmful to Android?

Does FM WhatsApp work in India?

FM WhatsApp is available in India, FM WhatsApp is an instant messaging software that can be used on smartphones. WhatsApp uses your internet connection (where 4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi wireless network is available) to call and text with friends or family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp, and experience new and smooth functions such as sending and receiving text messages, calling, multimedia pictures, voice and video text messages with family and friends.

FM WhatsApp Advantages

1. The speed in the app is fast.

2. Support multiplexing, and Resume is fast.

3. Support multi-language input.

4. Support the transmission of pictures and voice clips.

5. Support location sharing (Location).

6. Support Push Notification and Live Tile.

7. Support group dialogue.

How to add friends in FM WhatsApp?

Friends who use WhatsApp, do you know how to add friends in the software? Let’s take a look with the editor.

Open WhatsApp.

Click “Conversation” in the options to enter the conversation page.

Click “New Conversation” in the upper right corner, and the options for Contacts and New Conversation will appear.

Click “Add Contact”, enter relevant information and click Save.

Is FM WhatsApp harmful to Android?

Does FM WhatsApp cost money to call and text?

It doesn’t cost anything, it just wants your traffic, as long as both of you have installed it, there is no international charge. Click the phone button to make free calls, using the wifi network by default. You can also set it in the “Settings” column. If there is no wifi, you can also set it to use data traffic for free calls.

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