Is it safe to use FM WhatsApp? Since FM WhatsApp is not an official version, there is a security risk when using it. Also, according to the terms and conditions of WhatsApp Messenger, users who have installed the WhatsApp MOD, their original account will be banned.

It’s still WhatsApp, but slightly modified. Well, maybe not just a little bit, but you get the idea.

What is FM WhatsApp? FMMakkad is the developer who modified WhatsApp and made this cool app. Modifying the word makes it clear that this version of WhatsApp comes with a ton of features that we’ll discuss later.

FM WhatsApp Features:

Now we discuss a topic that is important to any modified application. I believe you are already curious and excited about it. If you haven’t, go ahead, you’ll be excited soon. For better understanding, I have divided these functions into major groups.


The first set of features we’re about to discuss has created a lot of excitement for the community, who can never afford the default look and feel and are always looking for better layouts.


In these modern times, privacy is a growing concern. Here’s what this version of WhatsApp offers you:

The coolest privacy feature is that you can hide the double blue tick, last seen and delivered tick. You can also customize your app to display a specific last viewed status.

You can choose to disable the video calling option, which was not possible in the original WhatsApp app.

FM WhatsApp comes with an app lock feature. This is useful if you’re running the default Android OS and don’t have a built-in app lock and you don’t want third-party apps to use it.

Exclusive features

FM WhatsApp provides a way to send messages and interact with phone numbers without saving them. You don’t have to worry about saving someone’s phone number anymore, just send them one document at a time on WhatsApp. You can pin more than 100 chats through this app, compared to just three in the original app. There is also a unique feature to change the color of each group individually. This can help you identify them well. This feature is not available on the main WhatsApp app.


You can change your settings to prevent other users from deleting messages you send. This helps preserve evidence of any discussions you may have had with someone. Conversations can also be secured by pinning them. As already mentioned in Privacy, you can use the app lock feature when entering the app to use a passcode or password etc.

Increase the limit. This group includes all the tweaked features and we got a big improvement.

More than 60 image messages can now be sent to recipients, which was not possible in the original, unmodified version of the app.

If you remember, the only WhatsApp that only allows you to message groups of 250 people. This app can help you reach 500 people. You can now share up to ten images in one message.

This application allows you to send files and content up to 700Mb, which is not possible on the unmodified application.

Download FM Whatsapp Apk 2022:

The easiest way to download FM WhatsApp apk is to click on this link provided below. It will start the direct download process. The app is about 52Mb in size and is anti-ban, so it removes the fear of being banned from using the app. If you want to see its official website, it’s right here.

Fouad WhatsApp APK Download
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