Use FM WhatsApp to easily chat with friends and family for unlimited fun. You can also share photos and live broadcast moments with friends and family anytime, anywhere, so that the joy spreads at zero distance.

Welcome to FM WhatsApp!

Start your FM WhatsApp journey with just two steps:

Click “Friends” ➖ “Add Friends” to directly invite or add your friends.

Select the friend you want to call, and click “Voice Call” or “Video Call”.

Welcome to FM WhatsApp!

During the call, you can enjoy:

The joyful interaction of graffiti stickers makes the call no longer monotonous.

Two-player game against Santa Claus on the same screen. More friends game rankings are newly launched, invite friends and win the first place!

Open a new dimension of live broadcast in the voice call, record and share your beautiful moments.

Invite more friends to play together!

FM WhatsApp makes your calls more fun and convenient.

No matter how far apart you are, as long as you have FM WhatsApp, you can make free voice or video calls anytime and feel close to each other.

On FM WhatsApp, heartwarming stories keep happening. In the first issue, I will share with you the warm stories of family articles, and feel the expressions of love among family members.

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