While the original WhatsApp limited you to message 250 people, FM WhatsApp allows you to message up to 500 people. Besides that, in original WhatsApp you can only send 30 pictures at a time, but with FM WhatsApp you can send 60 pictures at a time.

According to mobile market research firm Jana, WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messaging app in India, as well as in Brazil and Mexico. Qom and Acton built a successful WhatsApp and a unique WhatsApp, so where does the uniqueness of WhatsApp come from?


You’d be forgiven for being slow to react to Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp. After all, WhatsApp is not widely used in China or the US, and the company has only 21 technicians and has kept a low profile.

However, in India, WhatsApp is a hotspot. According to mobile market research firm Jana, WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messaging app in India, as well as in Brazil and Mexico. The smartphone market in these three countries is nascent, with more than one billion smartphones shipped last year, thanks to cheap Android phones. Many people now choose to download FM WhatsApp, which is a modified version of the original.

For many users in these emerging markets, a smartphone is not just a phone, but also their first computer. So when they install WhatsApp, their phone is pretty much a blank slate. In the United States, the legacy of the PC era has deeply influenced people’s choice of mobile communication applications, and people have established social networks on Facebook, Twitter and Skype.

In India, people have fewer choices. People pick the best messaging app – ad-free, easy-to-use, well-designed WhatsApp. It’s really nothing to think about. Open Facebook’s mobile app and the first thing you’ll see will be many posts by strangers, as well as ads. It’s annoying and it’s something you don’t see on WhatsApp.

That’s why WhatsApp is becoming a new social network in these countries, enabling people to connect faster and more privately than Facebook. That’s why Facebook is buying WhatsApp at an astonishing price.

Cheaper than SMS and no ads

But yes, WhatsApp is popular not only in emerging market countries like India, but also in Europe, and there is another big factor.

In Europe, people have established social networks on PCs. However, in Europe, WhatsApp has become a cheaper alternative to Short Message Service (SMS). WhatsApp texting looks and feels a lot like traditional texting, but it’s free.

WhatsApp claimed a 96 percent market share in Spain last year. In Spain, a text message on a mobile phone costs 0.15 euros. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is free and has many features that mobile texting does not.

WhatsApp can tell users when a text message has been delivered to the recipient and when it has been read by the recipient. “It’s a great platform, it’s been working almost all the time,” said Eric Freeman, a marketing consultant in the Spanish capital, Madrid.

“In the Indian and Spanish markets, WhatsApp is a major driver of growth for those users who text frequently, which is a major driver of growth,” said Rajeev Chand, head of research at technology investment bank Rutberg & CO. )Say. “People can use it to send messages instead of Skype for international calls.”

WhatsApp is free for the first year of use and $1 per year thereafter. Nine months ago, WhatsApp had 200 million users. Now, it has 450 million users and is adding 1 million daily users.

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