Hide last viewed status on Whatsapp Fouad

First launch Fouad  Whatsapp and tap the three dots in the top right corner.

Look for “Hide Online Status” in the menu

After downloading “Fouad  Whatsapp” you can see that there are many features in it. It provides users with a good experience using the app. The function of Fouad  whatsapp is as follows.

* You can copy status to clipboard.

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*You can use Dual whatsapp account.

*It is available in multiple languages.

* You can be online 24 hours (always-on feature).

*You can send more than 10 pictures from the gallery at a time.

*You can send videos up to 50 mb.

* Added new emoji.

*You can set whatsapp group name up to 35 characters.

* You can keep chatting privately.

*You can set your own privacy, for example, Las tseen, blue tick, double tick, type.

* You can copy your status as well as others’ status to clipboard.

*You can use old whatsapp even if Fouad  whatsapp is installed.

⦁ There are multiple copies of this program, some of which are compatible with modern devices such as Note 4, Galaxy S6 and many other android devices, and their copies are available on older versions of Android.

⦁ Ability to easily copy the status and paste it anywhere you like.

⦁ You can use privacy options not found in the normal Whatsapp program.

⦁ Ability to send up to 30 or more photos at once.

⦁ Larger video clips can be sent without issue.

⦁ The ability to lock any particular conversation using a secret number specific to it.

⦁ No need to download the audio file to listen to the audio file using the share option.

⦁ Hide record button in conversation.

⦁ The program is completely free and there are multiple versions compatible with all Android versions.

⦁ Can run two digital Whatsapp through Fouad Whatsapp program.

⦁ Ability to preview photos and media without downloading to your Android device.

When selecting multiple information, the name and date can be hidden.

1⦁ Easy access to conversation start in Fouad WhatsApp

2⦁Fouad WhatsApp 5.70 supports installing more than 3 conversations

3 ⦁ Fouad WhatsApp latest version makes accessing names easier

4⦁Fouad WhatsApp 2017 and other additions and fixes

5 Whatsapp Plus new features atfas hoak latest version 5.70

6⦁ Ability to view messages sent by each member of the group individually

7 New feature: GPWhatsapp support post status

8 Add my status to new GPWhatsapp

9 Return to the old conversation interface of GPWhatsapp

10 Additional features after downloading Fouad whatsapp latest version 5.70

11⦁ Fix the problem of Fouad whatsapp unwanted programs

12 Video calling has officially launched in Fouad whatsapp

13 download Start dialing after downloading the latest version of Fouad whatsapp

14 Start downloading Fouad Whatsapp to hide appearance

15 How to activate Fouad Whatsapp without losing conversations:

16 previous additions to Fouad WhatsApp Plus Atnfas Hoak

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