First, navigate to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup. You’ll see information here, including when the most recent backup ran and how often you’ve set to back up your data. If you have deleted pictures since the last backup, you can restore your pictures by uninstalling and reinstalling Yo WhatsApp to restore the backup.

How do I recover my 2-year-old Yo WhatsApp  photos?

Yo WhatsApp may soon get this Instagram feature

Meta owns Yo WhatsApp , Instagram, and Facebook, but aside from the fact that the same company owns them, the platforms have a lot in common. You can see a lot of similar functionality on these platforms. Now, Meta is working hard to bring exciting Instagram features to Yo WhatsApp .

The Yo WhatsApp  development team is currently working on so-called “quick responses”. It allows users to quickly send emoji while viewing status updates. Quick reactions are sent in chat with simple emoji messages. If you’re an Instagram user, you’ve already used Quick Responses.

WABetainfo spotted “Quick Response” on Yo WhatsApp  desktop, but the publication believes it will also work on its Android and iOS clients in the future.

The ability to quickly respond to status updates is currently in development, so we won’t see these emojis right now. As for which emojis are available to users, WABetainfo found eight emojis, including heart-eye smiley face, happy teary face, open mouth face, crying face, folded hands, clapping hands, party popper and one hundred dots.

How do I recover my 2-year-old Yo WhatsApp  photos?

Yo WhatsApp quick response

The site did not share information on when the responses would be available to the public. But it appears that the live chat messenger will be tested with beta users before opening to a wider population.

In other Yo WhatsApp -related news, the Meta-owned company recently announced several new features, including message reactions, communities, the ability for admins to delete problematic messages in groups, file sharing improvements, 32-person audio calls Wait. These features will be coming to Yo WhatsApp  in the coming weeks.

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