Open the downloaded APK. Click Install in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Go ahead and install the new version.

Open your new FouadWhatsApp version.

Press the dot to access settings.

Visit the Fouad mod.

Go to update.

Press Check for Updates.

Fouad WhatsApp APK, this is a modified app of the original app. This article will give you information about features, download process, pros and cons. So, if you want to catch an interesting read, you have to pay attention.

If you own a smartphone device, you probably use WhatsApp on it. In this digital age, almost everyone uses a smartphone device, and a considerable number of users use WhatsApp. According to the most recent 2020 report, there are over 150 million monthly active WhatsApp users worldwide. Free text messages, voice calls, video calls, and more, all in WhatsApp. The best thing about this cross-platform messaging app is that it’s available for free. You can also share images and other media, documents and user locations via WhatsApp without privacy concerns. WhatsApp uses an end-to-end encryption protocol that prevents third-party services and applications from accessing through WhatsApp.

The only thing that annoys users with WhatsApp is the limited functionality. Just like you can send up to 30 images at a time, the video size limit is 16 MB. Also, for PDF files, documents, spreadsheets, and slides, the maximum size allowed is 100 MB. These restrictions were introduced to stop spam, but sometimes you want to get rid of them. Many WhatsApp users started looking for alternatives without such restrictions. Contains many new features in Fouad WhatsApp, such as using airplane mode to disable internet connection in Fouad WhatsApp.

If you are one of those people who wants to get rid of the limitations of WhatsApp, then you might be interested in learning about Fouad WhatsApp for android. Fouad WhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp application developed by an independent developer. This app works with WhatsApp API and has no limitations like WhatsApp app. Please note that Fouad WhatsApp 2022 is currently only available for Android devices, you must download the Fouad WhatsApp APK to manually install it on your device. Here you will find a detailed guide on Fouad Fouad WhatsApp and how to install and use it on Android phones and tablets.

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