“After a few weeks of limited functionality, you won’t be able to receive incoming calls or notifications, and WhatsApp will stop sending messages and calls to your phone,” WhatsApp said in an FAQ. WhatsApp said it will not delete user accounts if users do not accept the update.

What happens if I don't update Fouad WhatsApp 2022?

From viewing once to blocking screenshots, why do people need to “burn after reading”?

Last year, Fouad WhatsApp launched a “view once” feature, which allows users to “read and burn” when texting each other. While the feature is somewhat welcome, it doesn’t offer any way to block screenshots, meaning recipients can choose to save disappearing media by taking a quick screenshot.

Now, Meta has announced that Fouad WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will block screenshots at the system level, among other privacy features. Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced three new privacy features for the popular messaging app. These features include screenshot blocking, the option to quietly leave a group, and choosing who can see you when you’re online.

Today, the “burn after reading” function is still popular, and major social platforms have also tried to launch the “burn after reading” function in recent years. So why on earth would people pursue such a feature? Can “burning after reading” really stop people’s traces on the Internet?

In fact, “burning after reading” comes from “sharing” on social media. While all social media emphasizes the meaning of “sharing”, people also have concerns about “oversharing”.

In September 2013, Facebook uploaded a staggering 350 million pictures every day, and the total number of photos exceeded 250 billion, and these photos, which may be taken by the brain, will be permanently stored on the Internet. How to meet the needs of individuals to express themselves freely, and avoid the consequences of being controlled by others? In 2012, Snapchat swept the United States overnight, and Snapchat is a “burn after reading” software.

This photo sharing software can take pictures and record videos, and send them to the Internet to share with friends, but the revolutionary significance is that when sending, users can choose the viewing time ranging from 1 second to 10 seconds, which determines what you send The time limit for the image to exist. After this time limit, the image is automatically and completely deleted from the recipient’s device and from Snapchat’s servers.

In the era of social media, personal privacy has been violated unprecedentedly, the boundaries between the private and public domains have become blurred, and the time and space boundaries of the private domain have been expanded to infinity. In space, due to the fission-type transmission of the Internet, it can spread all over the world in a blink of an eye.

What happens if I don't update Fouad WhatsApp 2022?

In time, photos can be stored for a long time, and before Snapchat, publishing information on the Internet was like overwhelmed by water. What Snapchat does is to maximize the privacy of users, in addition to the automatic destruction of the picture, if the other party tries to take a screenshot, the sender of the picture will also be notified.

However, whether it is Snapchat, or WeChat, which has also tested the water, or WhatsApp, the core consensus of a Web2.0 era is that the Internet will not be easily forgotten. Even if the server’s hard disk data is gone, as long as the Internet itself does not completely collapse, it is not difficult to restore the annihilated Internet memory on a physical level using cached pages, memories in the user’s mind, and local files saved on personal hard disks.

This self-destructive way of course relieves the tension that the messages sent may be recorded, while also releasing the pressure of building the perfect self online. But at the same time, it is still necessary to maintain rationality and vigilance. In the digital age, everything will exist in a digital form, even if it is “burning after reading”.

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