Why do you need Fouad WhatsApp?

There are still a large number of netizens using it. But there are a lot of netizens who want to use Fouad WhatsApp but can’t. They don’t even know how to download Fouad WhatsApp. Here we will do a special tutorial to teach you how to download Fouad WhatsApp. The tutorial is very detailed, and the download is also the latest version of the official genuine version, not some old versions circulating on the market. Really in line with this world, all APPs are kept in sync on their respective terminals, and updates can be downloaded and installed at any time. It is highly recommended to install Fouad WhatsApp.

Specific Method:

Open the download link, install Fouad WhatsApp,

After that click Install,

After that, the critical moment comes and automatically asks you whether to install Fouad WhatsApp,

YES, this is what I want,

Then install it,


New features

Is Fouad WhatsApp safe to use?

Fouad WhatsApp has an anti-ban feature, but it cannot guarantee 100% security. If you want more WhatsApp features, you can use Fouad WhatsApp. This app has many functions. But you also cautioned that this is not secure for messaging. If your account is banned for using Fouad WhatsApp, you will not be able to recover your messages and files.

New features in the latest version:

Freeze the last you see

hide blue ticks

You can change tick style and bubble style


Multi-theme/DIY themes

animated stickers

Support multi-person video calls (up to 8 people video calls)

Different new emojiWhy do you need Fouad WhatsApp?

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