What is Fouad  WhatsApp and why do people use it? Fouad  WhatsApp is a clone messenger app very similar to the well known WhatsApp. In addition to working in the same way, it also allows access to contacts, even for those who don’t have the app installed.

Fouad WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp, best for people who want to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device. It is based on the mod WhatsApp Plus, which was removed by the WhatsApp developers while simplifying the application.

The advantage of Fouad WhatsApp is that it does not interfere with your WhatsApp. You can also view messages that have been deleted by other users, and simply restore images that have been deleted in private or group chats.

This Whatsapp version is also ideal if you don’t have access to the actual Whatsapp. When an account is banned, they will only receive a brief notification that reads: “Your phone number has been banned from WhatsApp. » For assistance, please contact support. Whatsapp usually does not Any warning will be given after which you will not be able to use the service anymore. However, Fouad Whatsapp provides a workaround whatsapp ban.

Due to the popularity of WhatsApp Mod, we now provide Fouad WhatsApp, if you are a developer, you can simply configure it. Fouad  WhatsApp uses the same license and agreement as WhatsApp and has a modified user interface to provide more features.


After installation you can continue to use Fouad WhatsApp as a standalone chat app with a new phone number. Fouad Whatsapp comes with many new features and improvements. It also includes many new themes and a better privacy policy. You can use this program to learn more about whatsapp hidden features. Best app to use two accounts on the same device. You can hide your online status, transfer larger video files and share over 90 photos at once instead of the standard 10 in WhatsApp.

Fouad WhatsApp Features

Fouad WhatsApp supports many unique features introduced in its latest Modded APK. Because this software was created by indie developer AlexMods, it has an anti-ban feature, hence the ban proof. It works fine on normal phones and doesn’t require root access. However, you can still use the software root check to see if your phone is rooted.

By using this modified version of Whatsapp, you will find an increase in the privacy of your personal information. With the Block and Unblock feature, you can block and unblock calls from specific people. You can also change the checkmark style to your liking. Easily change the settings in the privacy options to hide the last seen information. Usually, these options are not available in standard Whatsapp.

You can also hide the repeating ticks and change the settings for the second ticks. The other person will completely forget your actions. In standard Whatsapp, any changes you make should apply to yourself as well. But that’s the beauty of Fouad  Whatsapp: you only have to edit one item at a time and have fun at the same time.

In Fouad  Whatsapp you can customize your privacy and settings

You can now set your status privacy only for yourself or your contacts in the latest version. You can also hide your status from certain people. This feature is only available for Fouad  Whatsapp. You can also choose to stop taking calls from anyone.

Enlarging a contact’s profile picture is one of the most interesting aspects of Fouad  Whatsapp. Just zoom in on the photo with a single click. Also, you will be notified whenever any of your friends change their Whatsapp profile picture. You can also copy someone’s status by opening a copy of their status and downloading it.

It’s also nice to exchange photos on this modified version, sending up to 90 photos at a time. Audio clips can be up to 100 megabytes in size, while video clips can be up to 30 megabytes in size. Viewing media is also simple, as everything downloads instantly and all you have to do is click and play. Note that Fouad WhatsApp is not recommended as it is unofficial and does not offer encryption. WhatsApp Inc. has made it clear that this will prevent users from using such apps.

Email themes can be customized, and custom themes are available. It also has a dark mode and an emoji switch, as well as various Fouad Whatsapp themes. Customization also includes the ability to change the missed call icon, which is useful if you’re using Fouad Whatsapp for secret purposes, and the ability to change the call screen.

All these features may seem interesting, but keep in mind that this version of Whatsapp is heavily modified and dangerous compared to the original. As such, this version has been removed from the Google Play Store despite the serious privacy risks described in this article.

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