FouadWhatsApp is an enhanced and customized mode of the original WhatsApp, best for users who want to use two Whatsapp accounts on a single device. It is based on the WhatsApp Plus module, which was discontinued when the creators of WhatsApp streamlined WhatsApp

How to install Fouad WhatsApp on Android device?

1. First of all, if you are already using the official version of Whatsapp and you want to save your old messages in Fouadwhatsapp, please don’t forget in Whatsapp

Backup your chat history. To do this: Open Whatsapp > Go to Settings > Chats > and press the Backup Chats option.

Whatsapp will backup all your messages.

2. After that, download Fouad Whatsapp from the link above, by going to Settings > Applications > Whatsapp > Uninstall (do not clear data)

” to uninstall Official whatsapp and then install Fouadwhatsapp.apk in your android device. 3. Now if you have a backup of whatsapp chats and want to restore it in Fouadwhatsapp, do the following steps:

Open file manager > open storage (internal or external storage, depending on where your device stores whatsapp files) and find the folder called Whatsapp.

Now, rename this WhatsApp folder to FouadWhatsapp.

After renaming the folder, open it, you will see a folder called Media, open this folder, inside the Media folder, you will see many folders like WhatsApp Audio, WhatsApp Video, etc., will Rename each folder to Fouad (original folder name), eg: – Rename WhatsApp Audio to FouadWhatsApp Audio, rename all such folders.

Check out the images to get a sense of the batsman.

4. After renaming all folders, now, open Fouad Whatsapp from App Drawer, you will see it will ask your mobile number like normal Whatsapp. The setup process for FouadWhatsapp is the same as the official process, so

5. Enter your phone number here and it will verify your phone number with the OTP code and you are done.

6. During installation, it will ask you if you have found the chat backup ind, do you want to restore it. Just press resume and it will restore all your earlier chats.

Features of Fouad WhatsApp

Check out some common features of this FouadWhatsapp apk, you will know some of them after installing it in your Android device.

Prohibition of Proof, does not prohibit issuance of your account.

Support calls, no need to worry about the call function.

Hide your (last viewed) status.

Privacy mods like Hide Second read Tick etc.

Support for custom themes, apply the theme of your choice, hundreds of themes are available in the built-in theme store.

Theme server (download/apply themes)

Change tick/bubble style.

Counter statistics for the group.

Media preview without loading, much more advanced than real whatsapp, and better (Fouadmods rock)

Show Online/Last Show in Home Screen.

The video sent is up to 30 MB, not 16*MB.

Send 90 images at a time instead of 10.

Change your status and add up to 250 characters instead of 139.

Ability to generate group links.

Ability to post links by status, if your friend posted any link in his status, you can open it with one click.

The possibility to distinguish between normal and broadcast messages.

When copying multiple messages, hide names and dates. So now you can copy bulk SMS without showing other people’s names.

Possibility to copy the identity of others.

Change app icons and notifications from settings.

There are many other great features…

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