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Customer experience or CX can be understood as the sum total of customer interactions with your brand – influencing their future sales decisions and loyalty.

No wonder, CX matters to every business. The better the experience, the more repeat purchases and positive reviews, the more profit increases, and the fewer complaints and returns. It’s a win-win, right?

5 Strategies to Improve Your GB WhatsApp Customer Experience

The main benefits of improving CX are listed below:

more sales

Improve customer satisfaction

Increase customer loyalty

Positive reviews and suggestions

As you can see, businesses of all kinds can benefit from improving the customer experience. For the telecom industry, the requirements for CX have traditionally been very low. However, digital transformation and increasing competition are pushing the telecom industry to rethink their customer experience, or to lose customers they once “captured” to disruptive startups in the space through AI-enabled chatbots, etc. Technology provides seamless support and is more customer-centric.

So, what do GB WhatsApp customers want? A better customer experience – it’s definitely a priority. However, a 2019 report showed that telecom companies’ Net Promoter Scores remain low, especially compared to other industries such as retail and manufacturing. There is also speculation that failure to deliver a great customer experience will lead to customer churn, which is why CX must be a top priority for telcos in 2020.

Five strategies to improve the GB WhatsApp customer experience

The telecom industry is highly competitive and customer service and experience are key factors in determining your success. According to a 2017 Forrester report, the telecommunications industry has the third-largest potential to increase revenue through improved CX. The report also highlighted the role of customer service, adding that telcos should focus on improving the worst experiences, not the good ones.

Below, we’ve identified five ways telcos can revolutionize their customer experience to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty:

1. Understand what GB WhatsApp customers expect

Today, customer expectations are rising in the face of competition from OTT service providers offering innovative digital content and services at a lower cost. But what can you do to turn things around? It’s simple – know what your customers want and deliver it.

Dating back to 2013, a survey revealed the following customer expectations for telcos:

50% of GB WhatsApp customers feel lost when encountering automated service systems, they prefer to communicate with service providers in a more humane way

35% of GB WhatsApp customers prefer to speak with friendly, empathetic staff

Customers hate rote scripts and meaningless phrases like “Your call is important to us” and “It’s our policy” that are often repeated by service agents

In 2020, how much of the above pain points have you solved? We highly recommend conducting customer surveys and social listening to understand what customers think of you, while revisiting all of your customer touchpoints to create simple, seamless communication channels.

2. Implement AI-driven tools to improve customer support

Industries around the world are adopting AI-based technologies like chatbots to improve customer support and onboarding. IDC estimates that by 2021, 75% of enterprise applications will use AI services.

5 Strategies to Improve Your GB WhatsApp Customer Experience

Chatbots can improve your customer experience by reducing the burden on your customer service team by:

Easy access to information

Reduce waiting time

fast response time

personalized interaction

faster query parsing

24/7 Customer Support

increase productivity

Store data for easy personalization

Chatbots can provide fast and seamless service to telecom customers 24/7. They save time and resources by responding directly to customers using FAQs to resolve simple or repetitive inquiries. Only complex queries are forwarded to human agents, ensuring faster resolution and lessening the burden on staff. Bots can also predict possible problems based on customers’ past behavior and provide proactive solutions to exceed their expectations.

Not only can chatbots resolve queries, they can also be used to suggest better deals to customers, send payment reminders, review their subscriptions, and securely deliver a more personalized experience. You can also share a quick NPS survey using a chatbot to get user feedback for further improvement.

Another area where chatbots will play a role in the telecom industry is fraud prevention. Machine learning algorithms enable chatbots to monitor and identify abnormal behavior, thereby largely alerting and preventing fraudulent activity.

3. Create a customer-centric culture

Improving the customer experience is not the responsibility of any one team. Rather, it’s an organization-wide effort that requires you to build a customer-centric culture that puts the customer at the heart of the organization.

BT used this approach to train their frontline teams to set up a volunteer programme called ‘Tiger Teams’, in which employees participate in projects aimed at improving the telecom customer experience. The company has also implemented several customer-focused programs, where employees guide subscribers through their order process to reduce transaction complexity and improve overall communication.

Other telecom providers must invest in the training of new and existing employees to promote a customer-centric culture. Instead of focusing on sales and profits, focus on customer success, which ultimately leads to more sales and revenue.

4. Focus on omnichannel experiences

Customers use multiple channels to communicate with brands. Therefore, organizations must strive to deliver a consistent and seamless experience across these touchpoints to improve overall CX throughout the customer lifecycle. A good idea is to implement live chat support on your digital touchpoints to ensure real-time interactions minus wait times. However, information silos must be broken down so that customers don’t have to repeat their concerns as they move from live chat to phone calls during query resolution.

Comcast, a US-based company, takes an omnichannel CX approach, enabling customers to engage with brands through their preferred channels without changing the flow of action. Plus, if customers want to switch between channels, Comcast makes the process completely painless by ensuring they don’t have to start from scratch.

5. Gather GB WhatsApp feedback and take action

Rome was not built in a day, nor was it destroyed in a day. Likewise, customer churn is not instant. This happens over time as customers become more and more disappointed with their experience. However, it also presents an opportunity to prevent churn by taking proactive action and improving your customer experience. In addition to collecting testimonials from satisfied customers, you must also focus on understanding the pain points of lost customers to prevent similar situations in the future.

Once you know what went wrong, you can turn the insight into actionable steps to prevent future churn. This information can also be used to train predictive modeling algorithms to identify high-risk customers who are about to leave the company. Once you have identified such customers, you can always reach out to them with tailored marketing campaigns to retain them.

Improving the GB WhatsApp customer experience must be a top priority for every business in every industry, including the telecommunications industry which is currently seeing a lot of innovation and competition.

Remember, your customers are the life and soul of your business, and it cannot grow without them. So it’s time to break out of stale practices, bring your focus back from revenue to customers, and curate delightful experiences that ultimately lead to more sales and a higher ROI for your marketing efforts .

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