Mr. Eric has recently received a lot of questions from small partners, and most of them are the same question: “gbWhatsApp cannot verify the mobile phone number, that is, the mobile phone cannot receive the 6-digit SMS verification code, how can this be done?” As shown below:

Today, Mr. Eric will come to analyze the reasons for this situation and how to deal with it.

Why does this happen?

First, we have to know how to use gbWhatsApp properly.

Since gbWhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, sending and receiving text messages can be used normally, but once it involves sending and receiving pictures and videos, it must be used after “going out” through the cross-border sea route.

This means that if you want to register and open a gbWhatsApp account, the network environment of your mobile phone is very important. If your cross-border route to the sea is unstable, there is a high probability that it will fail, and even the account will be blocked after multiple attempts. .

So the first step for us to open gbWhatsApp is to set up the cross-border sea route, and then open gbWhatsApp to register and open. (It is recommended that you download WhatsApp Business directly, and I will also explain the reasons for this recommendation below.)

Now that we understand the basic conditions, let’s see why the verification code cannot be received?

  • Not used through cross-border sea routes
  • Mobile phone with built-in firewall
  • The second activation after the mobile phone number has not been used for a long time with gbWhatsApp
  • The phone number has entered the system blacklist
  • Mobile number transfer back and forth between gbWhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

02Find the reason, so how to solve it?

Due to the different reasons for the induction, here are a number of solutions for reference, all of which are currently tested and effective. Be sure to use the cross-border route to the sea. The overall situation is better:

Solution 1: Temporarily turn off the mobile phone’s SMS interception and phone interception firewalls;

Solution 2: You can choose to switch voice verification when resending a text message;

Solution 3: Uninstall gbWhatsApp, turn off the phone, wait for 30s-1 minutes and then turn it on

Download the latest version from gbWhatsApp official website;

Solution 4: Contact customer service on the official website and try to explain the reason. As long as your account is not blocked, it is highly probable that you can get it back, because many WhatsApp group sending software on the market will degrade your account. Although it is only used for receiving, the system Judge that your number is associated with the group control software;

Solution 5: Download WhatsApp Business instead of gbWhatsApp. You can also download it from the official website. The system will determine that the number of WhatsApp Business has better weight and is trustworthy.

03 Why do you recommend everyone to use WhatsApp Business?

Why choose WhatsApp Business instead of gbWhatsApp to sign up for marketing and customer communication, the principle is simple, when we use Facebook, we also use personal pages and public pages.

After gbWhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, the marketing version of WhatsApp Business was launched. Big data will determine whether your mobile phone number is for personal use or business use. We all know that the content we use WhatsApp to communicate with foreigners is not a daily chat, it is completely It is all marketing, so in order to promote WhatsApp Business, a registration threshold will be set for new accounts, so this is why the probability of accidents with new accounts is very high, and old accounts do not exist (this does not include accounts that have been inactive for a long time due to the network environment) ), so as long as you are doing foreign trade, we recommend WhatsApp Business instead of gbWhatsApp.

Advantages of WhatsApp Business:

WhatsApp Business is designed and developed for small business needs and supports free download. The app makes it easy for businesses and customers to create personalized connections, highlight product and service features, and respond to customers’ questions as they shop. Build catalogs that easily showcase products and services, and use specialized tools to automate and quickly respond to customer messages. WhatsApp Business can also help medium and large businesses provide customer support and send important notifications to customers.

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