Gbwhatsapp official website download, is a social networking official genuine free app, where you can find your own circle, you can ask people out to play. Share your life. Watch the interesting live broadcast, and your favorite friends can come to play online download experience!

Gbwhatsapp official website download software features:

  1. Accurate matching process, convenient communication, direct dating platform.
  2. According to your conditions, intelligent recommendation, handsome men and beautiful women platoon station waiting for you to choose!
  3. Single Terminator! Here is the most authentic user information.
  4. Super popular beauty and handsome men are concentrated in the same city, which is a sharp weapon for marriage and dating.

Gbwhatsapp official website download software functions:

[main functions]

-Live broadcast nearby: look at the live broadcast nearby and find your friends around you. Live video, chat more real.

-Momo short video: share your life moments, use video, know me.

-Nearby people / trends: browse the nearby trends and find interesting people around you.

[other functions]

-Diandian: become a friend of dianzan and pair up with close friends.

-Nearby groups: look at nearby groups and find people with similar interests.

-Chat room: casual chat, small room, great fun.

-Game center: play games together and become new friends.

Gbwhatsapp official website download FAQs:

Q: how does gbwhatsapp launch group activities?

Answer: 1. Click the “group space” button in the upper right corner of the group chat interface to enter

  1. Click the “+” button in the upper right corner
  2. Select “publish group activity” in the pop-up menu
  3. Fill in the theme, time, place and detailed introduction in turn
  4. Choose whether you need to fill in the mobile number to participate in the activity
  5. Choose whether to share to nearby news or wechat
  6. Click the “submit” button in the upper right corner

Q: how to use gbwhatsapp group members’ prohibitions?

Answer: Method 1:

  1. In the group chat interface, long-term on-demand forbidden members’ messages
  2. Select “forbidden words”

Method 2:

  1. Enter the group member list from the group information interface
  2. Click “setting management” below the list
  3. Find the group members who need to be forbidden and click the “manage” button on the right
  4. Click the “forbidden words” button

Gbwhatsapp official website download user comments:

@Once I

I like making real friends


It’s so funny. It’s more meaningful than anything


It’s better to have a high chance of winning the lottery

@I’m already hi

The colorful world makes people love and hate.


Give more matching girls who can chat. Thank you, hehe

Download software updates from Momo dating official website:

2022-04-14 version: 9.3.2

Update log

Fix known problems and improve app performance. Please keep updating to get the best experience.

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