Installation: After downloading, open the folder where you saved the APK. Click on this APK file to install it. Launch: You should launch the application. Sign in: Sign in to your WhatsApp account and enjoy the wonderful features.

After downloading, open the GB WhatsApp APK. If it is the first time to use it, it will prompt you to register an account. You can directly register and use it with your mobile phone.

After logging in, GB WhatsApp will recommend your other friends, mobile phone address book, friends, etc., so that you can add all the friends you know.

After adding a friend, we can chat with him on GB WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp uses traffic

How to use GB WhatsApp? The above is to teach you how to use GB WhatsApp. Of course, GB WhatsApp has many other functions, which are turned on by default and need to be set in the function settings.

How can I log in to use GB WhatsApp normally?

The reasons for the abnormal GB WhatsApp login environment are as follows: First, the commonly used login device was changed. Second, use an uncommon IP address. Then, illegal third-party software was used. Being reported, and finally, the system detects that your account is at risk, these are common reasons.

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