When it comes to FM WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp is way ahead in terms of customization compared to FM WhatsApp. You can change the in-app font, change the appearance of the double tick, and the appearance of the chat bubble.

Which is better FM or GB WhatsApp?

How to send photos on GB WhatsApp without compression?

Be it chats or audio and video calls, GB WhatsApp has become the go-to source for online communication for millions of users around the world. In addition to chatting and file sending, picture sharing is also commonly used. But I don’t know if you have noticed that after the picture is sent successfully, it will be different from the original one.

This is not uncommon, and WhatsApp will compress images by up to 70% by default. If you wish to send photos on WhatsApp without any compression or loss of quality, here are five ways to do it.

Which is better FM or GB WhatsApp?

By sending the picture as a document

1. Open GB WhatsApp and find the chat room where you want to send the photo.

2. In a chat, tap Attachments.

3. Tap on Documents, which will open your Android phone’s file explorer.

4. Depending on your phone model, you will see an option to browse other documents, tap it.

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