What is 301 redirect?

301 redirect is a type of status code in the header part of the HTTP data stream returned by the server when a user or spider sends an access request to the website server, indicating that this website is permanently transferred to another address.

How to tell if a website has made a 301 redirect?

For example: we enter the domain name google.com without www on the browser, and it automatically jumps to the domain name http://www.google.com with www, indicating that this website has done 301.

Many large websites will do 301 redirect, the main purpose is to achieve the preferred domain and centralized weight, so that all the rankings and income of the website are concentrated on the preferred domain.

The preferred domains in China are all domain names with www.

How does a website achieve 301?

  • The virtual host is implemented on the website of the IDC service provider, and the virtual host service software has its own 301 function.
  • Cloud servers are implemented with cloud helpers or pagodas.
  • If you are using Sowai 6 system, B-side – domain name binding – other fields will be filled in and 301 will be automatically implemented.

301 redirect not only solve the problem of URL canonicalization, there are still many situations where 301 needs to be done.Example shown as below:

  • In order to protect copyright, a company owns multiple domain names in different TLDs.
  • Website revisions also often require 301 redirects, such as page deletion, address change, and URL naming system changes.
  • Dynamic URL staticization may also do 301, the old, dynamic URL is transferred to the new, static URL by 301 redirect.

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