Reciprocal Links: Also called exchanged link, it is the simplest and most common form of external chain building. The URL and website name must be found in the webpage code, and the website name must be displayed when browsing the page.

How to find exchanged link?

Search engine search

Add words such as “exchanged link” and “reciprocal Links” to the target keyword in the search engine, and you will see many related websites that accept the exchanged links.

Industry reciprocal links exchange group

Add an industry reciprocal links exchange group, where you can introduce your website and sincerely invite friends, etc.

Discover the reciprocal links in the exchanged chain

You can find peers based on their reciprocal links, then find another peer from a peer, and so on, to form a circle of exchanged links.


Forums where webmasters gather, such as:,, etc., websites that have the idea of ​​making external links will leave links there to exchange information.

By category

Through the website’s classified directory, you can find and exchanged links with your peer’s website. At the same time, you can also submit it to the directory, which is a high-quality website external link.

What are the functions of website exchanged links?

Improve keyword ranking

Reciprocal links are added to each other in the form of anchor text at the bottom of the homepage of the website, which effectively improves the keyword ranking.

Improve website authority

Reciprocal links are all home pages, and the home page has a high proportion of weight, and the exchanged links will increase our traffic.

Improve search engine indexing

Exchanged links can improve website indexing and attract spiders. When spiders crawl each other’s websites, they will also crawl links in the website, thus attracting spiders to our website.

Improve PR value

The high quality of exchanged links can improve the PR value. The more exchanged links a website has, the higher its PR value; the higher the level of the external link site, the higher the PR value of the website.

Improve user experience

Links related to websites can guide users to find what they want from other websites, improve user experience and indirectly increase the bounce rate of websites.

Increase visibility

If the exchange of reciprocal links is well-known, it can also enhance its own brand and popularity.

Choosing exchanged links, as far as possible to choose the ones that are related to your own industry and whose traffic is greater than your own website. Using the function of exchanged links to increase the weight and ranking of your website.

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