What is CDN?

CDN refers to content distribution network, in order to allow users to get the requested data more quickly. CDN is mainly used for acceleration. It can ensure that users can access websites smoothly without affecting search engines.

What is the impact of using a CDN on SEO for a website?

The main reasons for the website to open CDN are the following 3 points:

  • Speed ​​up the website and make the website visit faster.
  • Hide website IP to reduce attacks by ddos.
  • If the server security configuration is not high, you can configure security measures through CDN to avoid CC attacks and traffic attacks.

After the website opens CDN, it becomes multi-IP. What impact does it have on SEO?

It is generally believed that a fixed exclusive IP is helpful for SEO. After the CDN is turned on, the website has a dozen or more IPs. Will this reduce the authority of the website?

Google and other search engines have not made a clear statement on this issue. But from the following 2 aspects, it can be considered that using a high-quality CDN has no negative impact on SEO.

  • Google spider crawls the site in the same way as ordinary users. As long as ordinary users can access the content, search engines can crawl them. No matter what technology is used, as long as it can ensure that users can access the website smoothly, it will have no impact on search engines.
  • CDN is now a very common technology used by websites, and many websites use CDN without any impact.

But if these things happen, there can be negative effects:

  • The CDN used by the website is unstable, resulting in frequent 5xx errors.
  • Many gray websites also use CDN, which leads to the fact that there are many gray website domain names on our website IP at the same time.

Why do website crawling exceptions occur when using CDN?

  • Some CDN service providers do not have enough hardware investment, which often causes instability, which will lead to a large number of spider crawling failures, thus affecting the website crawling effect, and some even affecting the index volume data; therefore, it is very important to choose a powerful CDN service provider. important;
  • The caching mechanism plays a role in fueling the situation when the website has a dead link, cannot be opened, or is hacked. There were some unfavorable snapshots in a short period of time, which affected the rankings. Don’t worry about this situation. It can be recovered by clearing the source files and CDN cache in time, and submitting relevant dead link data on the Google search resource platform.

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