Nowadays, a growing number of websites generally use HTTPS. HTTPS websites can effectively improve users’ trust in websites, and have encrypted transmission channels to ensure users’ privacy and prevent leakage. Google search engine will give priority to HTTPS websites.

So what should you pay attention to when building an HTTPS website?

What are the precautions for building an HTTPS website?

Certificate application

When applying for a certificate, you must verify the credibility of the institution. Some institutions are not recognized by international institutions (the browser does not have a small green lock), and some institutions may have restricted access to the region, or the public key may be leaked. Therefore, careful consideration is required when choosing.

Set 301 redirect

After the HTTP website is changed, the HTTP website needs to be 301 redirected to HTTPS for access, and the original weight of the website should be passed to the new HTTPS URL through the 301 redirect.

Certificate selection

Select the SSL certificate according to the domain name type. There are three types of SSL certificates. When choosing, you need to consider what type of certificate your website needs. Choosing a hosting provider with a big brand is more guaranteed in quality.

Website path

There is no obvious difference between the absolute path and the relative path of the HTTP website. If HTTPS and HTTP coexist, the use of the absolute path protocol is easy to cause confusion, which will lead to the failure of the link to be opened and the failure of spider crawling.

Server access speed

HTTPS will affect the speed of the website. In the process of building the website, pay attention to the optimization of the website speed. You can also use products such as CDN.

Applying for HTTPS certification on Google webmaster platform

HTTPS websites need to apply for HTTPS certification on the Google webmaster platform. After the application is successful, the Google snapshot will display the HTTPS URL, and the spider will give priority to grabbing the HTTPS link.

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