The website directory editor reviews the websites submitted by the webmaster, and puts the included websites under the appropriate directory classification according to a certain classification method. The website directory does not crawl the pages on the website, but only records the address, title, description, etc. of the website. Website directories are also often referred to as web sites, navigation sites, and so on.

Preparation Works for website directory submission

Before submitting, make sure your website has the potential to be included in a website directory, including:

The content is original

The directory of high-quality websites will not include those shoddy, scraped and cobbled together websites. Only a website with rich original content can bring value to the website directory itself.

The website is fully completed

There should be no 404 errors, unopened links, undisplayed pictures, text such as “Site is under construction”. Make sure that the entire website is complete and that all functions are functioning properly.

The page design reaches a professional level

Unlike search engines crawling pages, directories are sites submitted for editorial review. The first impression of a website design on an editor is very important. If the design is too simple or amateurish, no matter how good the content is, the editor may not be in the mood to scrutinize it carefully.

Contact information is available

The website should clearly indicate the company or webmaster’s contact information, including email address, mailing address, and telephone number. This shows the formality and professionalism of the website. Some high-quality website directories, such as open directories, have rigid regulations on this, and those without mailing addresses and telephone numbers are generally not included.

Write three pieces of information in advance that you may need during the submission process:

Website title

Usually the title should be the official name of the website. If possible, you can add some keywords appropriately, but don’t make the title too advertised just because you need to add keywords. The more formal and high-quality catalogs are, the more they should use the official name, even if there are no keywords in the name at all.

Website description

Briefly describe the content and functionality of the website in one to two sentences. Also, avoid using advertising language in the description, such as “best looking”, “cheapest” and the like, catalog editors have a natural aversion to boasting language. Simply describe the content of the website from a third-party perspective.


Some website directories also allow the submission of keywords to facilitate search and use within the directory site. Select the 3 to 5 keywords that are most relevant to the website and may be searched the most.

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