After the new website is indexed by search engines, it starts to publish products and articles on the website, and the published content can be indexed by search engines through various methods. How to make the website index quickly Today I will share with you a few ways to improve index.

10 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Index

1. Keep regular updates

For the first 3 months of the website, keep the content regularly updated. For example, it is wrong to post 10 articles today, 20 articles tomorrow, and zero article the day after tomorrow. The number of updates is regular and it is kept updated every day.

2. Maintain originality and content length

The published content has a certain degree of originality (what are the sources of the website content How to edit the content of the web page), and the length of the article is controlled at about 800-1000 words.

3. Add the latest release module or the latest update module to the site

Adding these two modules to the website can promote the website to be indexed.

4. The anchor text of the included pages is given to the unlisted pages

Make anchor text on the inner pages of the indexed articles to the pages that are not indexed, you can add the relevant recommended articles section at the bottom of the article.

5. Bind the bear paw number (for Baidu)

Binding the bear’s paw number is helpful for website crawling and indexing.

6. Active push

Every time new content is updated on the website, it can be actively pushed on the search engine manually.

7. Sitemap

Make a sitemap on the website and manually update the Sitemap every day.

8. The links to the unindexed pages are displayed on the homepage for a period of time

After sending for a period of time, there will be indexed pages, and these links will be counted and displayed on the homepage for a period of time. The homepage has the highest proportion of the entire website, so placing it on the homepage will help crawling and indexing.

9. Introduce spiders from outside site to the unindexed pages

Send external links in the form of off-site.

10. Crawl diagnosis (for Baidu)

On the Baidu resource platform, there is a crawling diagnosis function to crawl and diagnose those pages that have not been included.

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