It is difficult for a website to achieve a daily traffic of millions of IPs, and it requires a lot of energy and financial resources. Even if the daily traffic of tens of thousands of IPs can only be achieved by individual websites, some people use station groups to Get traffic and use the number of websites to make up for the lack of individual website traffic.

The Complete Guide to the WordPress Registration Form

If the daily traffic of a website is 100IP (a website with 100IP is relatively easy to do);

10 websites a day is 10×100=1000IP;

100 websites a day is 100×100=10000IP;

1000 websites a day is 1000×100=100000IP.

The following are some profit models of the site group.

Advertising promotion:

Converting traffic directly into profit through an ad network is the easiest and most convenient way. For example, Baidu, Google and many other domestic alliances, as long as you get a piece of advertising code from the advertising alliance, put it on your own website, and you can generate profits after you have traffic.

Product promotion:

Taobaoke’s online earning form is currently very popular, because it is charged according to the transaction, so Taobao stores like to use it, and the commission is high, which is sought after by the majority of webmasters. As long as you do a few relevant long-tail keywords, you can maximize the conversion rate, and the commission is very generous.

Industry website:

If we understand a certain industry, we can create a group of industry-specific boutique stations, and we can cooperate with related companies. For example, when building a building materials website, reserve a good advertising space, and create a group of small sites to provide external links for the main site to improve the ranking of the main site.

Website optimization service:

If you are dedicated to providing SEO optimization services for others, you can raise a group of high-weight station groups by yourself, continuously update them every day, provide high-quality external links for the sites that need to be optimized, and optimize a new website to the Baidu homepage more quickly.

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