How to synchronize Office data for different computer login users

If you are used to OneNote, if the login user name of different computer systems is “JohnnySun”, then the Microsoft account will be automatically synchronized immediately after logging in.

This time between the two computers, the login user name of one computer is “JohnnySun” and the other is “Administrator”. After logging in to your Microsoft account on Office, check the Account under the File tab. The user information is displayed as JohnnySun and Administrator. At first I thought it was a cache and other issues, but all kinds of cleaning were ineffective. Click “About Me” and find that the information on the pop-up Web page is consistent, only to find that Office only displays the user name of the computer system login.

Since it is logged in with the same account, how to synchronize?

1) Click “Open” under the “File” tab.

2) In the “Open From Other Locations” panel, select “Recently” opened documents.

3) Click “Information” under the “File” tab, click “View Sync Status”, and verify whether it is successful.

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