On October 5, 2021, Office 2021 for Mac was released with many new features.

Office 2021 includes many of the collaboration features already available to Microsoft 365 subscribers, such as real-time co-authoring of documents and Microsoft Team Access for chatting and video calling with others. Microsoft outlines other new features in a support document, including new inking tools, data types, functions, translation and editing tools, animations, ease of use, and more

Office 2021 three key pointsEdit

  1. Create with confidence
    Create engaging documents and presentations with modern visuals, and quickly find what you’re looking for with improved navigation and search.
  2. Arrange work and life
    Efficiently manage messages, appointments, contacts and tasks in one place. At the same time, stay in control of meetings, deadlines, and family time with ease.
  3. Easy to track and organize
    Use fewer, more powerful formulas to quickly build spreadsheets that update as information changes. Find data quickly with improved navigation and search. [2]

Office 2021 enhancements

  1. The official version of Office 2021 provides a better working environment.
  2. Have better table design ability.
  3. A better calculation function has been added to the new version of Excel software.
  4. Better insertion methods can be provided when adding functions.
  5. The built-in functions are more abundant, and the calculation process is easier.
  6. It is also very useful for making data models.
  7. Office 2021 also updates a variety of functions in designing PPT.
  8. Provide a better icon design scheme.
  9. Support a better UI interface, scrolling to view the PPT effect is better.
  10. The function of inserting icons online is provided when designing PPT.
  11. An icon library is also provided, which is convenient for you to easily insert the icons you need.
  12. The new version of Word has many functions.
  13. Provides the interface color adjustment function, and the editing Word effect is better.
  14. A new “immersive learning mode” is provided.
  15. The function of typesetting articles is better, and it is better to adjust the text spacing and page width.
  16. In addition, the new version of Word can also read the article aloud.
  17. Added a new Microsoft speech engine to easily convert text to speech.

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