Friends who often use PowerPoint to make courseware have encountered difficulties in playing videos. For example, like this: a video file (usually in .mpeg format) is carefully intercepted from a VCD disc or video tape, and it can be played normally with Super Jieba or Windows’ built-in player, but when a slideshow is inserted, it pops up Error prompting dialog: “Could not insert movie from selected file. The file format may not be standard, or QuiekTime is not installed correctly”.

From rookie to master PPT video playback skills detailed explanation

Generally encountered such a situation is solved in this way:

use the hyperlink method to directly call tools such as Super Jieba to play or convert it to AVI format and then insert the slideshow. However, these two methods have their own shortcomings.

The disadvantage of calling Super Jieba is that it appears to be less compact, and the demonstration effect will be greatly reduced. The disadvantage of converting to AVI format and inserting a slideshow is that the file capacity after conversion is greatly increased, and the playback effect is not as smooth as the original. Besides these two, what else is there to do?

Here we introduce a new method, which can solve the above problems by using the “MPEG file merge” function provided by Super Jieba.

From rookie to master PPT video playback skills detailed explanation

Solution: Add the video files that cannot be directly inserted into the slideshow to the “input file” column of the “MPEG file merge” operation window, and then specify the location and file name of the merged file, and then merge and output.

Although, the purpose at this time is not really to “merge” the files (because the input and output are all a video file), but after such a process, the video file is inserted into the slideshow, and the above error message will no longer appear. . This method is also applicable to files in various formats such as dat.

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