PowerPoint is a widely used office tool that can help users make various presentations and make the content more vivid and intuitive. So how do you add tables to PPT? The following editor will give you a detailed introduction. If you are interested, let’s learn about it together!

How to add a table in PowerPoint? Steps to add a table in PowerPoint

1. First open the software and create a new slideshow;

2. Then delete the title and click the Insert tab;

3. Then click on the table on the toolbar;

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4. There are a variety of insertion methods in the pop-up drop-down panel, here select the top method, select the number of rows and columns;

5. After selecting the number of rows and columns of the table, a table will appear on the slide. Under the design toolbar above, you can choose the appropriate style;

6. To merge cells, you can first select the cells to be merged, then right-click, and select Merge Cells from the pop-up menu.

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